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You haven’t Lived

October 25, 2015
I haven't written anything in two weeks, but I have so much I'd like to jot down...if only I had the words... I need inspiration.

To a friend of mine who wrestled so severely with a demon called depression that he almost gave his life away. This is for you and many people whose stories remain untold. Suicide need not be an option, choose life because tragedy, pain, depression and fear can all be overcome.

You’ve got to keep breathing until your heart doesn’t throb with pain anymore. You’ve got to set your eyes above the storm and know that the sun will come out again. Please know that there is a world that’s waiting to be discovered by you. You’ve got to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you can fly. Live long enough to know what it’s like to laugh until you cry. It’s too soon to say you don’t want to be alive anymore when you haven’t lived long enough to fall head-over-heels in love. You don’t know yet what it’s like to feel butterflies in your stomach; you haven’t heard the sound of your name in the mouth of the you love; you haven’t experienced what it’s like to melt in the arms of the person your heart beats for. Don’t kill yourself, there is so much more to live for. This pain you feel is temporary, baby, cry if you must but don’t give up.


You haven’t traveled the world, you haven’t explored…
Your story is unfinished, don’t let it end this way: incomplete.
It’s too soon for you to conclude that your life is meaningless just because it’s not making sense right now. You haven’t discovered your full potential nor have you found your calling yet. You’ve got to keep going until you find a place where you belong; keep living until you’re free from these voices that keep telling you you’re a nobody. It’s too soon to give up on the dreams that are hidden within you. This demon that’s telling you that you’re not good enough is only lying to you. Open your eyes, there is so much more in you than what you see. You’ve got to stay alive because if you end your life, the possibilities of what you could be will die with you. I know life has been unfair, but it’s not true that nobody cares and you’ve got to learn to stop letting your pain crush you. Chin up baby, you’re not a victim of your life, and this pity-party is only draining you. Quit entertaining these self-defeating thoughts, they are only stealing your power from you.
There are people you are meant to help in discovering their purpose, their dreams are somehow tied to you, stay alive for these lives you’re meant to touch, impact and change. If you end your life, I wonder if you know how many other lives will impacted in the long run. You’ve got to be strong, soon, a new day will dawn. There are great moments ahead, but you will never know if you give up now.
All you see from where you are standing is a bad life, but baby, it’s just a bad day. Allow yourself time to heal, to discover yourself, to learn and to grow. This is just a curve to something great but you’ve misjudged and mistaken it for a destination. Be patient, it’s going to be alright.
Wait until the purpose of your existence is no longer a question but a revelation. Wait for this season to pass so that you understand that there is more to life than pain and tears. Wait until your soul awakens to the revelation that the sun comes out every morning to shine for you. And in spring time, the flowers blossom just for you. And the birds chirp in summer, just to put a smile on your face. And the rain doesn’t fall to ruin your day, your hair or your plans, it falls to wash away your tears and remind you of the importance of letting go of yesterday and starting anew. The earth is blessed to have you, but you will never collide with this truth if you choose to make suicide an option. What you’re going through now is only preparation for what lies ahead so wipe those tears and master courage to keep going despite your fears.
You haven’t lived until you know that your heart can break and still be healed. You haven’t lived until you discover that some people will come into your life for a short while and when their part in your story is done, nothing you do can make them stay. You haven’t lived until you know that life can be tedious and it comes with issues, wounds and scars, but it’s also wonderful and brings unexplainable joy. You haven’t lived until you learn to protect your heart from the things that want to discourage it. You haven’t lived until you discover your ability and hidden power to bounce back from situations that could’ve wrecked you. You haven’t lived until you’ve learnt to abandon the past so you can reach towards all that lies ahead. You haven’t lived until you appreciate the fact that success comes at a cost; joy will always be paired with pain and victory comes with a backdrop of failure. You haven’t lived until you understand that a tough background doesn’t have to make you cold and bitter~ you have a choice to be the person you are. You haven’t lived until you realize that you’re not alone, our lives intertwine, and when you give up on living, you’re also giving up on me.
These are lessons you haven’t given yourself time to learn yet, just wait… and together, we can loosen the grip of suicide over our generation.


Even if the night is as dark as it’s ever been, nothing is worth killing yourself over. You’ve just started. You haven’t lived yet.



Light and love,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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