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November 20, 2015


It’s so easy to settle for less than what we deserve.

It’s so easy to let our dreams slip right through our fingers.

It’s so easy to let the world and its disappointments to persuade us to let go of everything we dreamt of.

It’s so easy to get tired and stop fighting for what we want.

It’s easy to allow hardship, opposition and pain to make us believe that our dreams are far-fetched and unreachable.

It’s so easy to assume that others are blessed and talented and we aren’t.

It’s so easy to be deceived, derailed and destroyed.

It’s so easy to settle.

It’s easy to believe a lie and yet doubt the truth.

It’s easy to listen to the crowd and ignore (y)our gut.

It’s easy to quit when we get hurt but it takes discipline to see things through.

It’s easy to doubt ourselves and be ruled by fear but only those who are aware of their own magic make history.

It’s easy to dim our own light and yet be jealous of other people’s shine.

It’s easy to question our own power and it takes real courage to truly believe in ourselves.

It’s easy to see the flaws but it takes a trained eye to see pieces of a puzzle.

It’s easy to get bitter, but it takes strength to turn pain into power.

It’s easy to give up without even knowing it.

It’s easy to be alive but barely exist.

It’s easy to be with people and feel alone.

It’s easy to get lost and not know it.

It’s easy to die slowly and think you’re living…

It’s easy to settle.

I have learnt that no matter what life throw us at us we need to learn to protect our dreams from the things that could kill them- including our own negativity.


Most of us start well; we start with enthusiasm, with hope, and with an abundance of excitement. At first we are determined, driven and focused and then life happens and slowly (but surely) our hope dwindles, our faith weakens, and our dreams seemingly become unreachable. And before we know it, we have settled for a life we always resented; a hopeless life, an uninspired life, a sad and unhappy life.

But here’s what makes a difference: a commitment to continually excel. And excellence isn’t cheap. Only true visionaries can afford to pay the cost of excellence. Excellence demands our best. Excellence challenges us not to settle for mediocrity. Excellence puts people around us who will force us to come face-to-face with our shortcomings. Excellence will bring us to breaking point, just to teach us about humility, patience and persistence. No matter how smart we think we are, we can’t cheat success because it knows how much we have invested.

Our dreams will be challenged, opposed and ridiculed along the way, and we must be strong enough to endure. If something or someone can discourage us from going after what we want, then we are not  worthy of it to begin with. We only deserve those things that we are willing to fight for.

We have to learn to keep fighting for the things that matter most to us and not give up. We have to be brave enough to keep trying even when the odds against us. We need to keep praying in the midst of impossibility and know that nothing is impossible for those who believe. Easier said than done, I know. But if we stand a chance at greatness at all, it is important that we continually cultivate our dreams and ensure that we keep the fire within us burning long enough for us to reach our goal. Most people I know once had dreams but allowed them to die too soon. They let their own magic die and settled for a life without any wonder, or color.

A lady I know always wanted to have her own family but a series of events saw her single and divorced by the age 30; and sadly she gave up on her dream and settled for a relationship that’s not going anywhere. It’s easy to settle~ it numbs the pain temporarily but in the long run, settling cripples the soul.

A gentleman I work with had aspirations of being an entrepreneur once but he unfortunately lost all his savings in a bad investment- and just like that, he gave up on his dream and clung to his pain. His heart has become cold, bitter and fixated on the unfairness of life. He allowed his pain to grow bigger than his dream. It’s easy to get lost and not know it. It’s easy to play the victim and we forget that victims never win. It’s easy to quit dreaming and settle for wishing.


We shouldn’t let disappointment steal our joy. We shouldn’t let pain define us. We shouldn’t let life issues steal from us our most important possession, our dreams. We need to be brave enough to keep fighting for those dreams. We need to stay sober so we aren’t derailed. We need to surround ourselves with people who will challenge us and push us towards all that we can be. It’s so easy to get lost, it’s so easy to lose our way, it’s so easy to throw away our dreams; I hope you are focused enough to stay on course.


You are magic, provided that you believe that you are.


Love and light,

Nono Cele


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