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July 4, 2016

Nono Cele - Be More


I wonder if the world we live in is aware that there is something magical about a woman. Beyond her beauty, there is something about a presence of woman in our lives that makes us better. Something about the way she always hopes for the best. Something wonderful about the way she always believes in those she loves. The way she always tries to do what’s best for everyone. The way she shows up even when she’s been wronged. The way she forgives and forgets. The way she prays consistently for the ones she loves. The way she carries so much on her shoulders without any complaints. The way she can love so passionately even when she’s been hurt deeply.
The magic of a woman… She may be complex but she remains one of God’s greatest and finest creations.
A woman can love a man and not want to be with him. She can see a man’s potential and still choose not to settle for being his option.
A woman can love being provided for by a man and still not depend on him. A woman can cook for a man, wash his clothes, encourage him, cater to him and be there for him and still be a successful career woman, a loving mother and a good friend. A woman can date a man, marry him or have kids with him and still be her own person because she’s so much more than just his Mrs. A woman can stay with a man because she believes he can change or believes things can get better or she can leave because she’s better. There are somethings about a woman that the world should never get tired of appreciating and being in awe of; her power, her grace, her compassion.
A woman can be beautiful and still struggle with issues of insecurity because the world has imposed a definition of beauty on her that doesn’t accommodate her flaws, her stretch marks or her weight. A woman can be outwardly successful yet internally depressed because she’s been taught to be silent about her ideas, she’s been taught not to express herself and not have her own views. A woman can appear perfect and flawless and still struggle with her identity because she’s been told that who she really is is not enough. A woman can work hard, travel the world and run businesses and still want to come home and be called “My love.” A woman can be strong and focused and ambitious and still know how to honor and submit to her man. A woman has enough strength to take her children, her siblings’ children and children she doesn’t know to school and still need empowerment herself. A woman can pray, and still need arms around her that assure her that she is enough. A woman can achieve a lot in the corporate world and still feel like a failure when she fails in love because she’s not defined by outer success but internal joy. A woman can sob in the bathroom and ten minutes later she can be in the boardroom, running the world. I wonder if we have told her just how amazing she is~ I wonder if we’ve paid attention to all she does and all she brings to the table in society, in the family, in relationships.


A woman can say she doesn’t need help because she’s become so accustomed to doing everything herself. A woman can be loving enough to pray for you and wise enough to know that some people are better off loved from distance. A woman can be foolish enough to fall for a guy who doesn’t deserve her, and amazing enough to help him be the man he never thought he could be. A woman can look at a person and see beyond his or her flaws, because she understands what it’s like to be judged!
A woman can give of herself selflessly, completely and wholeheartedly because her heart beats for more than just herself. A woman can be kind and generous and well-mannered and be perceived as weak, boring and taken for granted. A woman can be cold, demanding and strong because she’s had to depend on herself~ she’s been beaten, criticized and judged. A woman can smile and joke and laugh with a man and not necessarily want to be with him. A woman can look “fly” and fabulous, not to attract attention but because she loves herself! A woman can talk tough, act tough and look tough and still run into her Daddy’s arms like a little girl. A woman can be mature, grown and long past her teenage years and still wanted to be treated like a princess. A woman can put on makeup, have her hair done and put on expensive clothes and still want someone who will look past all of that and see the real her. A woman can be a friend, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, and still crave for a place where she can be her real self. A woman is one of God’s greatest wonders and she ought to be celebrated, cherished and loved.
A woman can be wrong and still want to be begged. She can be beautiful and still want to be told. A woman can do well and need to be applauded.
A woman can be crushed when undermined. She can be scarred by words of comparison. She gets discouraged when lied to. She can be hurt when scolded. She can be damaged by negativity. And she may never recover from being overlooked.

She is rarely celebrated in a way she ought to be… May we learn to value her, appreciate her, and adore her…


Love and light,
Nono Cele
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  • Lihle Hadebe July 12, 2016 at 12:42 PM


    Please write a book, I felt like this was a chapter in a book I desperately needed to quote for a women’s’ day seminar….

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