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Trouble is Good 4 You

June 6, 2013

Eternal Beauty


Where would Jesus be without Judas?

We all know the story of how one of His disciples (Judas) betrayed Jesus with a kiss… And in so doing, Judas’ betrayal allowed Jesus to be the Savior and Hero He is and will always be. Judas meant to hurt Jesus, but instead, he helped Jesus fulfill His purpose. What was meant for His downfall only elevated Jesus to new heights.
This teaches me something about life; even the worst things have potential to set me up for greatness.

Immediately this truth should eliminate all our fear and assure us that all things will eventually work out for good.


I have noticed something about the South African youth; most of us have big dreams, big visions, great ambitions, but we seem to get stuck when trouble and challenges arise. We seem to lack the courage and inner-strength to keep going in the face of adversity. Here is what we need to be aware of: on the path to greatness, we will face opposition. Every challenge, every hardship, every obstacle should be seen as an opportunity to overcome- not a moment to start doubting ourselves. When trouble arises to threaten our dreams we tend to panic and question our ambitions, we doubt our ability and our intelligence, worst of all, we start entertaining thoughts that maybe we weren’t meant to live the lives we dream of.
Trouble can be intimidating; but we can’t allow ourselves to be discouraged, weakened or slowed down by it. Trouble is part of the package when it comes to making our dreams come true.


One thing I have learnt about trouble in my own life is this; without it, there can be no promotion. Trouble has a way of preparing us for the next level. Trouble sharpens us in our thinking but also humbles us so that we learn to be compassionate.

When I told my high school friends that I wanted to work in media, the opposing voices said, “It can’t be done”. But I refused to be discouraged, I kept believing and God made a way- my dream to work behind the scenes became a reality. Once I started working, opposing voices whispered that I wasn’t deserving of the opportunity, but I kept going and in so doing, I learnt not to rely on what others think, but rather on what I know. Each time, an obstacle would arise to help me to keep my eyes on my dream and not on my surroundings.
Many people have tried to bury me, they had no idea that I’m a seed, their dirt helped me to grow and blossom even though their intentions were to ruin me. Isn’t it amazing how the answers to our prayers are often disguised as trouble?


Don’t resent your challenges, don’t hate your struggle, don’t even retaliate when your haters try to ruin you, let them talk (and they will talk), but it’s all happening to toughen you up for your future. God will use your haters as an escalator.

There isn’t a single thing you can say or do to me that can cause me to give up on the vision I have for my life. I have fully accepted that my mission (my purpose) is greater than what others can say or do.


Go ahead, kill them with kindness and crush them with success!


Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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