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To my Daddy With Love

August 14, 2011

Of all the men I’ve met, of all the men I’ve liked,

of all the men I’ve loved, there’s one who stands out,

the man whose love has meant the most…

My Daddy’s love.

Thank u for showing me what a healthy relationship should be like,

For letting your kids know dat being a man doesn’t mean u have to mess up all
the time.

Dad, words aren’t enough, I thank u for giving me life.

I couldn’t have made it without the lessons u’ve taught me,

I wouldn’t be me if u weren’t always there for me…

Dad u’ve loved me faults and all…

Been there for me even when I didn’t feel like your little gal…
So this is me pouring out my love out to u!

I’ll tell anyone who will listen that u mean the world to me.

But most of all, I need u to know u that u are the world to me.

U weren’t always easy on us (yo kids) but u taught us right from wrong,

U taught us how to handle ourselves, how to put God first.

Daddy, u’re more than a father to me, u’re my hero, someone I look up to.

U simply amaze me, of all the things u have, all the money, all the
possessions- u remain grounded.

Even now, u keep saying real wealth comes within,

that character will take us places where money can’t.

Dad…no other man could’ve done a better job.

Although we don’t always get along, we don’t always talk, I’m just grateful
that I have u at all.

Dad, u’re on a league of yo own, u’ve set the standard so high on what a real
man should be.

The conditions weren’t always cool but u kept our family together, Dad, I
respect u.

U give us the best gift of all everyday cause u love and respect our mother.

Dad, thanks for supporting our dreams, for shaping our lives, u’ll always be
a hero in my story & in my eyes.

I love u Daddy, u’re the man, u’re the king.

Of all men I know,

Of all the men I’ve met,

Of all the men in the world,

All the men in my life,

There’s just one I love most…

And Daddy, that’s you, take a bow.

To my father: Mr S S Cele (Ndosi, Magaye, Khumbuza,

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