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The Year To Be More

January 3, 2013

Nono Cele - Be More

It has become a norm in my family to stay up all night on the last day of each year and we cook, eat, talk, braai, bond, laugh, reminisce, and of course, those of us who can dance, do… It’s a real celebration of life.
Just a few minutes after midnight, I stood outside my father’s house, murmuring a short prayer and it dawned on me that years are now swiftly passing by; we are not children anymore, our parents are aging and the fireworks aren’t as cool as they used to be.
It was then that I decided that of all the things I want to do and be in 2013, Being More is my number one priority. Allow me to explain…

A few days prior the New Year, I met a lady in the rural areas of Eastern Cape, she was born without feet, but she has so much life in her. She is more than her situation. She has so little but she is happier (and more grateful) than most people I have met (including myself). Moreover, she is not sitting in that wheelchair feeling sorry for herself, she is building herself a house, with her bare hands. She doesn’t view herself as “disabled”, she has dreams, she is excited about life… and get this, she’s not moaning about not having feet, she’s grateful she doesn’t have to spend so much money on shoes. This lady challenged my perspective on life. A strong, smart, beautiful, creative, hardworking woman who is so much more than a woman without feet.

No matter what your situation, I encourage you to be more this year… Be more than your circumstances, and succeed anyway. Be more than someone who sits and complains, be a gamechanger. Be more than someone who dropped out of school, go on to do great things in life. Be more than just someone whose heart was broken, give yourself permission to fall in love again. Be more than an overweight person, join a gym and work towards your target weight. Be more than someone who has made mistakes, be someone who has learnt and is better for it. Be more than someone with a corner office at work, be a mentor and empower others. Be more than just a church goer, be a believer, a doer. Be more than a single person waiting to find a mate- be someone who is happy regardless. Be more…

The only thing that I believe will help us stay on course this year is a decision to be great. When you study the lives of great men and women you will find that through the storms of life, they stayed true to what they believed in. They didn’t believe their critics who said they couldn’t make it, they didn’t dwell on their weakness or flaws, they didn’t focus on who left; what kept them going was the belief that they could be more.

Right now, you and I are free to choose to be more… decide to be great.

Happy New Year!

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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