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January 27, 2018


Dedicated to my dear friend Koki on her special day.


I am determined to be the kind of woman who prays for her generation.
I have made up my mind that the world will know a fearless, powerful and wonderful woman and she is me. This is the cause for which I am prepared to live and die.
I want to be so busy pursuing who God called me to be that I have no time to be in competition with people because I realize that my greatest gift to the world and people in my life is love.
I want to carry myself with such dignity that I don’t need to have everyone’s eyes on me to feel beautiful. I want to live my life with such a passion that the only approval I’m after is the one I cannot lose— God’s.
I want to be so at peace and so content with who I am that I’m not threatened or belittled by who I am not. I want to be so free in who I am that I liberate others to be themselves. I want to cheerfully clap for others without feeling like their success puts pressure on me. I want to be free to invest in others, and find fulfillment in knowing that my presence has made a difference in someone else’s life somehow.
I want to be the kind of daughter that my parents can proudly say has honored them— regardless of our disagreements. I want to be able to treat my parents with nice things and take them to fancy places, and have them enjoy the fruit of my labor. With that said, I never want to lose the simplicity we share and our ability to have a good time even if we are just sitting under a tree on a hot summer’s day.


I want to enjoy the thrill of chasing my dreams. I also want to be able to enjoy the rewards of my hard work. In addition to that, I pray that God would make me generous so that the fruit of my sweat and tears can benefit more than just me. I want to spend my days doing work that fulfills me, and spend my life on projects that will enrich and empower the human race.
I want to be the kind of sister who is happy to see those around me succeed and do well. The kind of sister whose love is deep and consistent. The kind of friend who is there to listen. The kind of person whose spirit never gives up on her dreams, never quits on those she loves, and never lets go of faith.
I am becoming the kind of daughter who is teachable. The kind of daughter who spends time just enjoying the company of her folks. The kind of person who honors the people in her life with truth. The kind of woman who calculates the cost of her dreams and gracefully endures hard times with hope that the One who holds her life is in control. The kind of lady who knows how to treat her mate like a king— the kind of lady who knows how to speak to a man and inspire him to be more than he thought he could ever be.



I want to be the kind of woman who lives by what she says. The kind of leader whose presences encourages others to dream big and challenges them to think broader and walk taller. The kind of mother whose warmth strengthens her children. The kind of role model that believes the best in others. The kind of lover whose mouth tells no lies.
The kind of lady who doesn’t have to be better than others to be happy. The kind of geek who is so comfortable with who she is that she can confidently ask for what she wants without apologizing for it.
The kind of woman who doesn’t need more money to feel significant. The kind of person who is assured that her worth and value is determined by only her Creator.
The kind of partner who is reliable, dependable and faithful.
The kind of woman who will not use her beauty or power to lure others into sin. The kind of support system that is stable, consistent and anchored— the kind of bond that is never rocky, erratic or fickle.
I want to be the kind of lady who will not use her body as an instrument of cruelty against another.
The kind of sister who celebrates her married friends and prays that God gives them joy and peace in their marriages.
The kind of friend who encourages her friends who are single and asks God to protect their hearts and help them to chase the right things in life.
This is the woman I am and becoming.



Love and Light,

Nono Cele

Twitter: @Nono_Cele





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