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December 29, 2015


From a distance, those who are financially blessed seem effortlessly perfect and well put together. A closer look reveals that there is much more to living than just having money, something more important is required, something money can’t buy~ a purpose driven life. We cannot achieve greatness until we understand what we were created for, our existence must be meaningful, and our hearts must desire to see the world better because we lived. But that in itself is a journey…


Unlocking our purpose leads to greatness. But this you must know, on your way to greatness, you’re going to face challenges, you’re going to meet opposition, you’re going to get weary, you’re going to feel discouraged, and at some point it will seem as though the load is too heavy for your shoulders. Such, is a journey of champions~ it is anything but easy.
Too often, we focus on the rewards of hard work but we rarely talk about the journey. I believe that the journey is what builds our character. The journey gives us courage to follow our dreams in spite of fear. The journey helps us to stop worrying about what others think and commit to what we were created to be. It is the journey that teaches us that true wealth has little to do with what we possess, and a lot to do with what we give. The journey broadens our perspective and trains us to value time over money. It is the journey that enlightens us about the duality of life; and learning to take the good with bad. It is the journey that teaches us to wear our scars with pride and to view our failures as lessons. These things cannot be learnt from a self-help book, these are lessons only the journey can teach.
After we’ve been knocked down a few times, it is the journey that helps us to realize that we possess the power to bounce back from the worst of defeats. It is the journey that makes us understand that joy cannot be bought, bribed or borrowed. It is the journey that empowers us with the knowledge that the things that matter most in life are not possessions. It is the journey that helps us see that we are the CEOs of our own happiness. It is the journey that teaches us to be content with who we are and not envy or compete with who others are called to be. It is the journey that instills discipline in us when we are tempted to get off course. It is the journey that gives us the ability to withstand the storms of life, to cry and still carry on, to hurt and be still be full of joy, to lose and still remain grateful.

If you’re going to build an empire and leave a lasting legacy, know that the journey is going to test you the most. As we make the transition from 2015 to 2016, some of my friends shared with me things they are leaving behind and the lessons they are taking to the new year:

New Beginnings

Like every other journey, it has a starting point. You can’t change the past. Whatever has happened in your life so far – both good and bad cannot be changed. But with God’s help you can change the future.
The future doesn’t need to be the copy of the past, nor does God want it to be. No matter what your life has been like so far, God wants to put your feet on a new path, a better path and that’s His path.

2015 has been a year to forget personally. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I could have easily lost my life on two occasions through driving under the influence of alcohol. But by His grace I lived to see another day and share my experience with you. Many were not so fortunate. I leaned on my own understanding through the difficult times and dismissed what the Word that says to trust the Lord with all my heart.
I discovered that the old path will never deliver anything else but loneliness, emptiness, and eventually death. I encourage you to choose God’s path for the rest of your journey: God’s path always delivers what He promises and leads us home. To New Beginnings!

– Odwa Ndima


Keep your heart pure

One thing that always blows my mind is how easily one’s heart can be infested by unclean thoughts and actions. I believe somehow we have all experienced pain caused by people we look up to. It was exactly from that pain that I found my heart growing cold and bitter.

It was 2010 when my confidant and mentor I had walked with for years exposed the confidential experiences I had shared with her. Even worse than violating my trust, certain details of what I had told her got twisted and many people were hurt in the process. I was deeply hurt by the lies.
The last thing you want to hear when you have been hurt is “forgive them” but within me was always that voice. Funny how we know forgiveness is for our own peace and happiness but we still harbour unforgiveness thinking we are being spiteful to the one who hurt us when in fact we are hurting ourselves, poisoning our hearts and corroding them with bitterness.

As I was holding this against my “confidant” it was like cancer to me, eating me up especially when I would see her. The fascinating thing about God is He will continue blessing the very person who has wronged you because God is the epitome of forgiveness, He is forgiveness Himself. His love needs no approval from mankind.

Months went by and I would get jealous everytime this person established new relationships because in my poisoned and unpure heart I believed that she didn’t deserve any good relationship when she had failed ours. From being hurt, to being bitter, to jealousy and resentment, that was a pattern dangerously attaching itself onto me because of my unforgiveness.

Time passed and I realised I was hurting those around me with my wounded heart, until a very close friend of mine said to me “Hurt people, hurt people”. I believe those words were a great part of my turning point.
It was then that I took a stand and made a personal choice to forgive her, and God began to unravel my heart with mercy and pointed me to a daily walk of forgiveness. My healing started.
(Mind you I had never received an apology from this person but forgiveness is a choice, you do not need an apology to forgive).

Our hearts are delicate and require extra care; and if we do not protect them, they can lead us to dark places. Allow God to heal your heart; forgive, let go, and rest in the knowledge that He knows the injustice done to you and somehow He will make it alright.
– Zim Mkizwana

Log off social media

Social media is a great way of staying in touch with friends and people you wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis but it is also very dangerous because if we are not careful, it can (quickly) become more than just a way of connecting, but a way of competing with one another. In 2015, I drove myself into depression by living on social media pages, admiring how other people have progressed in life while I seemingly stayed stagnant. I obsessed about their body weight, their marriages, and I quietly envied their success. And I began to develop resentment for people on Facebook that I used to call friends in high school. I started competing for likes on Instagram and living a lie on Twitter. I started developing a nasty attitude towards my life, and an unhealthy need for approval. Many won’t admit this, but sometimes we go on social media to check if we are doing better than others. What a poor way of living.

As the year ends, I’m so glad for a new beginning! I am grateful to God for saving me from my own destructive ways! And with the support and mentoring of my trusted friend, Nono Cele, I’m learning to untangle myself from all resentment, hate and jealousy. I’m learning to love myself, respect my journey and to be happy when others win (these are some of Nono’s best blogs in 2015, read them).

As we approach 2016, I’ve decided to log off social media and attend to my real life. What freedom!

– Gwen


You are the CEO of your happiness
When we are born into the world we arrive with nothing but free will. For a long time we may not be aware of the weight carried in the decisions we make, we also may live lives oblivious to the power we have in exercising our free will and freedom of choice. One such decision that must be made is the decision to BE HAPPY. By making this decision you decide to be happy regardless of any bad news, disappointments and reasons to be unhappy. You are the CEO of your own happiness. It doesn’t change. It’s a freedom and a responsibility and as such it will remain. Therefore in never tiring to make that decision, happiness will never tire in being about you.

– Simphiwe Ngwenya


A blessed 2016 to you all.

Love and light,

Nono Cele and friends

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