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The In-Between Moments

November 24, 2015


Dear God, thank You for a wonderful life. I have not always acknowledged or appreciated Your goodness towards me and for that, I sincerely apologize. Pardon me for being so consumed with the small matters of life that I allowed myself to forget that You are all that matters in life. Forgive me for obsessing over what I want [my family, my career, my dreams, my hopes, my work, and my friends] that I neglected The One who loves me most~ [You] my Everything. My Father, I am desperate to please You with my life... In fact, that is the sole reason I live. Help me to wear You well. Give me power to live the rest of my days honoring You. Grant me wisdom to live well and to make a difference where I go. I pray that You would give me a compassionate heart, a renewed mind, and a teachable spirit. Papa, I receive the plan You have for me and I refuse to waste it by comparing it with what You have prepared for others. Above all things, I pray that Your will be done in me [on earth as it is in Heaven]. I love You so much... In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

From a tender age, our parents encouraged us to dream big and they told us that we could be anything we wanted to be. They cheered us to victory when we participated in sport, they always put a smile on our faces and encouraged us when we felt low, and they never ceased telling us that we were loved, capable and full of potential. It’s no wonder that as kids, my brothers and I had an air of confidence and positivity about us. We feared no danger. We were care-free. Anxiety was unknown to us. If we saw a tree, we climbed it. If we found something that looked edible, we ate it. If we felt bored, we made a competition out of the moment and dared each other to swim in the river or eat a locust. We had big ideas about life, a can-do attitude, and stars in our eyes. I never imagined just how important it was for us to maintain this attitude that our parents had instilled in us. I wish I’d cherished the exuberance of youth more because life soon tried to kill that kid-like faith in us and after a few years we found ourselves struggling to hold on to the belief that no matter what happens, everything will be alright.


When we grew up; we found out that there is a lot of waiting, hurting and disappointment that fills the space between where we are and where we want to be. The in-between moments. We found out that there is no straight line between where we are and where we aspire to be and the path to our destination is often riddled with great pain. It was in those moments that my kid-like spirit was first greatly tested… As a third year Television Production student, I was forced to learn a thing or two about the in-between moments and the importance of embracing where I was even though I desperately wanted to fast forward my life to the part where I eventually succeed. I had spent three (long) years working hard at varsity and after finishing the theory part of my learning experience, I was required to complete over 200 hours in the field, applying what I had learnt in those three years. This was no problem, I was actually looking forward to it until everyone in my class found an internship except for me (and time was against me because we had a deadline).

After several weeks of struggling to find an organization that could give me the experience I needed in order to graduate, I started to panic. I spent months at home waiting for a call, a letter, an opportunity but it never came. Unfamiliar with being stagnant and unsure of the next step, I made myself sick with worry. All of a sudden, I was in the real world and I felt my own expectations weigh heavy on me. The joy I once knew as a child disappeared because it could not survive the negativity, fear and anxiety I was feeding myself. My parents had sacrificed a great deal for me to go to tertiary and have a shot at a good life and I was desperate to prove to them that they had not wasted their efforts. I had done the best I could at varsity, and here I was, an A student, feisty, focused and determined, but it felt like I was watching my dream wash down the drain. I waited for someone to call but my phone remained silent, those moments humbled me. I was anxious, restless and nervous, stuck in-between where I was and where I wanted to be.


They don’t tell you about the in-between stages of life but here goes: Before you live the life of your dreams, life is going to test you. Before you know success and victory, you are going to taste failure and you will be forced to face defeat. Before you become the next superstar, you are going to feel as though you were the biggest loser. Before people talk good about you, they are first going to criticize and ridicule you. Before they acknowledge your boldness to dream big, they are first going to laugh at your face. Before everything falls into place, things are first going to fall apart. Before you end up with your ultimate mate, you’re going to know what it’s like to be with someone who’s not. Before you have your happily-ever-after, you’re going to learn to live with a thorn on your side. Before you are treated like gold, you’re going to suffer through the process of being refined by fire.


At the brink of giving up on my dream, I eventually received a call from the broadcaster I currently work for and they offered me more than just an internship, they gave me an opportunity to be one of the people who would change the way South Africans watch sport. In less than two months, I completed my 250 hours and completed my studies. My hopes were restored and my parents were there to cheer me on on graduation day.

Sometimes it seems as though our dreams are delayed. Sometimes it will feel as if we have wasted our time. Our efforts will seemingly look futile and to an untrained eye. But take heart, big dreams require big character. Be patient on your journey to success, speed doesn’t always guarantee victory. Be gracious to others because you may need them to help you to pick up the pieces of your shattered dreams. And no matter how talented or smart you are, remain humble because if you don’t, life will humble you. And here is a secret a few people will tell you: it’s the in-between moments that shape us, empower us and toughen us up. It’s these moments of how-can-this-happen-to-me that force us to be humble and patient. It’s these in-between moments that prepare us for what lies ahead. The in-between moments are the oven we need for success even though so many of us want to race through them so quickly.


I’d like to end with one of my favorite quotes regarding the in-between moments in hopes that it will mean as much to you as much as it means to me. I have found great strength, encouragement and upliftment from this truth:

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevailsProverbs 19:21.

All in good time!


Love and light,

Nono Cele

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