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Makings of a Star

July 22, 2014


I recently had an opportunity to work with some of South Africa’s most talented celebrities. Working with them was one of the highlights of my career- here I was, a girl from a small town who came to Johannesburg with nothing but a dream, now working alongside people I had admired since varsity days. People who aren’t just famous, but people who have made their mark in the industry, people who have realized their calling in life and are comfortable in who they are, people who have dealt with criticism and still carried on, people who understand the power they possess within.
As we worked tirelessly to put a great product on TV, it dawned on me that while we play different roles, with different talents, no one is less important, we are all stars- meant to shine.

The biggest misconception amongst the youth is that we have to be better than someone else in order to be a star. Nothing could be further from the truth. The simplest thing is required; we must be all be ourselves. When we copy other people, we unconsciously relinquish our power; we rob the world of the wealth of our identity. The world already has a Beyoncé, it doesn’t need another, it is desperate for an original you and an original me. In my mother’s words, The world needs a star who can shine the way only you can.
Moreover, we must stop identifying success as being better than others. Life is no competition. Our sole responsibility is to be the best version of ourselves we can be; and inspire others to do the same. We can’t shine while we are in competition with others. We can’t progress in life while focusing on what others are doing. We owe it ourselves to shine in the things we are good at while we allow others the same liberty. You are free to be you and I am free to be me.

You and I need to realize that we don’t need to be on TV or on covers of magazines in order to shine. You and I are already stars, in our own way, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our community. We need to stop waiting to be “discovered” because we were already discovered when we were born. Our presence in this world speaks of a need for our existence. We carry visions inside only we can see, we carry dreams only we can realize, we carry power only we possess. We are already stars, we just need to shine in the things we were born to do.
Let us not dim our light with negativity and jealousy.
We cannot be envious of other people’s progress and still hope to live in peace. We cannot be gossiping about others and still make headway in our own lives. We cannot be unforgiving, bitter and jealous and still be happy, productive and healthy. We cannot plant seeds of destruction and expect peace of mind. We cannot bring others down and hope to climb higher. We cannot be in competition with others and still expect to live a fulfilled life. We cannot shine while trying to outshine others.

An amazing thing happens when you stop competing with other people’s light- you start to shine in your own way. Like the sun, you ooze light and radiate confidence and energy. And when you stand (or sit) amongst other stars, you aren’t intimidated or threatened by their light because you understand that while we cannot all shine the same way; we must all shine in our own way. Shine on!

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele


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