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Sober state of mind

April 22, 2013


When life is “normal”, it is hard to see it clearly. I discovered that nothing opens our eyes like tragedy. When someone close to us dies or suffers, it changes us. All of a sudden, we forget about the things that once were “everything” to us. Perspective changes. At that moment, it’s as though we see clearer than ever. We let go of all bitterness, all resentment and all anger is left in the past without much effort. During that period, we don’t even struggle with forgiving people, we couldn’t be bothered about who said what about us, we couldn’t care less who doesn’t like or approve of us… All the things that we thought we couldn’t live without seem like nothing compared to the mountain we face. A sober state of mind. It is at such a time that we concentrate solely on the most important thing: the value of life.

We often hear it being said that we ought to be grateful that we are alive, such a statement won’t inspire you much unless you’ve been in a situation where you almost lost your life. Likewise, you won’t appreciate health until you have tasted the bitterness of sickness.
In September 2012, I went through a hard time in my life; my heart was still healing from a relationship gone bad, I lost money through bad investments, I lost a dear friend who grew tired of fighting and failing, eventually he took his own life… It seemed there was no end to the bad news- work was a nightmare to the extent that one of the shows I produced got canned (cancelled). Being the self-reliant person I am, I put a smile on my face and tried my best to stay afloat, but even a good swimmer who tries to swim against a strong current will get worn out.
I drowned in my own pain. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop crying.
To this day, I can’t believe God carried me through that. I remember during that time, one of the ladies at the office asked me my secret for staying in shape because I was losing weight, not knowing that my secret was pain. All I wanted in life, was to be happy again. I didn’t want a new car, a new house was the last thing on my mind, money didn’t even matter- I just wanted to be happy again.

I came out of that, refined. Although I still had to let go of that relationship and my friend was gone for good, there was a silver lining- I healed, I grew as a person, moreover, I unexpectedly recovered some money from the investment. And I watched as my friends came to my aid, they stuck with me, encouraged me, cried with me, they were patient with me…until I could laugh again. And I’m the kind of gal who laughs out loud.
My life has never been the same again. Now, I realize the importance of time (my time). I won’t be here forever, so I live for today, I live to make an impact in the lives of those around me. I live for purpose.
It is with this kind of attitude that we should see our lives: precious and quickly fleeting.

Don’t wait for tragedy to open your eyes… appreciate what you have. Be a champion today, who knows what tomorrow brings…

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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