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March 14, 2016
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I was invited to a networking session a while back and the speaker asked us (the audience) to think of three people we admire most in life and state at least one reason why we had decided on those people. He gave us five minutes for this exercise. But long before that five minutes was up, most of us had already reached a decision and one by one we stood up and shared our answers.
The amazing thing is, 90% of us picked ordinary people who are neither rich nor famous but people who have made such a profound impact on our lives that we cannot help but to admire and respect them. These are ordinary people whose courage and fearlessness has silenced our fears and put all our excuses to shame. These are ordinary individuals whose passion and humility has challenged us to be the best we can be. These are every day heroes that the media doesn’t write about but their acts of boldness and kindness are imprinted on our hearts forever. As I sat in that room listening to everyone talk about the people they admire most in life and the reasons why, I realized that the things we admire most in life have little to do with fame or power or possessions. And that said so much about the kind of people we are: when we look deeper than the surface, it’s not the exterior things that move us, it’s the things that we cannot see or touch that matter most, it’s the things that can only be felt with the heart.
What we discovered from that exercise is that the people we admire most aren’t necessarily the young, thin and fabulous, on the contrary, they are mostly people who have lived longer than us, whose looks are fading and whose wealth is inward (rich in love, rich in kindness and rich in humility). We also discovered that the people we admire most aren’t necessarily people who have a huge social media following (if they are on social media at all), but they are people who have a way of drawing people to themselves by how they treat others. And most importantly, we discovered that the number one reason we admired these people so much was because of their selflessness when serving others, they didn’t mind putting others ahead of themselves.
This trait was at the core of our admiration; selflessness.


This made me think about our mothers who have often gone without so that we can have enough. I thought about our fathers who have had to make the sacrifice of moving far from home to find better employment in order for us to have better opportunities. I thought about the friends who have taken us under their wings and believed in us, and supported us and cheered us on when they didn’t have to. I thought about the strangers who have seen potential in us when we didn’t even recognize it in ourselves and took the time to cultivate the seed of greatness in us. I thought about the people in our lives who don’t mind celebrating our success because they understand that we don’t have to compete for success, it is possible for all of us.
I thought about the men and women of courage who have been brave enough to forgive the cruel things done to them without going around to poison others with a rotten attitude. I thought about the leaders who are confident enough in themselves to see and celebrate beauty in others. I thought about champions who are secure enough in their being and in their identity that they don’t have to look down on others, instead, they pull them up. I thought about visionaries who dream dreams bigger than themselves and whose passion is to see others thrive as well. I thought about warriors who actively fight for other people’s rights and wellbeing as though they were fighting for themselves. I thought about the people who don’t mind lending a hand and making others better… I thought about you, as you take the time to read and support my work.
The only real way we can ever thank the heroes and heroines who have touched our lives is by silently being a hero to someone else. And the wonderful part is, we don’t have to wait until we are rich to make a difference, we don’t have to wait until we are famous~ we can decide today to be selfless.


Love and light,
Nono Cele
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