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Respect your journey

November 12, 2015

There is so much pressure amongst the youth to be perfect. We want a perfect life, perfect family, perfect look for the perfect selfie while having a perfect meal, with a perfect person to be uploaded on a perfect profile. As a result, most people are living a lie; downloading Apps to make them look better than they actually look, faking digital friendships and portraying an image of themselves that is far from reality~ competition (for likes and approval) is rife! Most of us are lost because we are not genuine to ourselves~ we are merely following trends while losing ourselves. We have fallen prey to the idea that the things we have validate us, and so we compete because we want to show the world that we too are worth loving…

Three years ago I had to make a conscious decision to log out of social media and do an introspection of my life. For three months, I stayed away from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At first, I struggled but after a week or so, I adapted and I stopped feeling the need to want the wot,d to know about my every achievement, every outfit or meal. It was bliss. Staying away from social media forced me to be more present and live fully in the moment.

I will share a truth that I discovered during that time in hopes that this truth will have the same effect on you as it did on me; it broadened my horizons and made me realize how wonderful life really is. This truth set me free and eliminated all pressure, jealousy and bitterness that once existed in me. And here it is:

Not all of us will be rich and famous.
Not all of us will get married and have children.
Not all of us will get the opportunity to travel and see the world.
Not all of us will live in a mansion and drive expensive cars.
Does this mean our lives are less important? No.
Does this mean we are doomed to misery? No.
Does this mean our purpose on earth is less significant? No.
Whatever happens, wherever we find ourselves, whatever comes our way, we need to learn to respect our journeys without being envious of others.

Some of us will shake few hands, visit a few cities, and count a few bank notes. But this has nothing to do with our importance and significance in the world~ we are here because there’s a mission that requires our existence, there’s a purpose that calls for our uniqueness, there’s a task only we can accomplish. When it’s all said and done, what will matter most is the impact we were able to make in other people’s lives not what we had or didn’t have…
What matters most is the quality of life we live. Whether famous or not, whether married or single, whether we have a little or a lot, we can make an impact that can change the lives of many people for the better.
And contrary to popular belief, success cannot be measured by fame or a bank balance. There is so much more to success than just finances~ the core of success is quality of life, is your existence making a positive difference in the world?
Success is not determined by a marital status; it possible to be married and miserable or single and fulfilled. Power, status and possessions offer us an opportunity to enjoy certain privileges in life but these things do not guarantee that we will be kind, generous and happy people. With that said, it is important for us to acknowledge that we don’t have an excuse for living a life that’s riddled with pain, complaints and regrets. We are not victims because of what we don’t have~ we are able to thrive no matter what. And in most cases, the things we lack teach us two valuable lessons; the firstly, joy is not in things but in us and secondly, our upbringing does not determine how far we go, our vision for the future does.
What qualifies us for our purpose is who we are~ no matter how much or little we have.
As you ponder on this, I hope (like me) you realize the pressing need for us to respect our journeys without constantly comparing ourselves with others. What keeps derailing us is the fact that we measure ourselves against other people’s progress.
Our journeys might not include millions of fans screaming our names but it does not mean we have been given a less important role in life. Some of us are destined to change the lives of a handful of people who will go on to change the world. Don’t underestimate your seemingly small role in the lives of those around you.
I think we need to respect our journeys more and stop envying other people’s lives. Every time we obsess over what someone else has over what we have, we undermine our own potential, strength and capability. There is nothing wrong with recognizing excellence someone else, in fact, we should look out for such because it is inspiring and it motivates us to rise above mediocrity. But recognizing excellence in someone else should not secretly become a competition. We need to learn how to run our races with integrity, passion and focus.
Respect your race. You are not meant to be like me and I’m not meant to be like you, and how we are is perfectly fine for what we were meant to accomplish. The true measure of greatness is the impact we make in people’s lives~ the ability to leave people better than we found them. But we cannot make that impact until we learn to respect our own journey and realize that we are here for so much more than ourselves.
Love and light,
Nono Cele
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