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Reasons To Love Winter

June 15, 2012

Winter came early this year in Johannesburg South Africa! Seems we skipped autumn altogether and went straight to the cold season… And that for me spells:

I love winter for many reasons (including the coziness of curling up on my couch with a cup of hot chocolate), but what I love most about Winter is undoubtedly the clothes, the boots, the accessories- I say, bring on the Winter collection!

Between all the rich colors and textures and layering options, there’s just so much more that you can do with it!
Due to my love of all things fashion, my coat and shoe collection has expanded greatly since I graduated and started working (at the expense of my bank balance and at the sheer confusion of my friends).

Here are some of the reasons why I love Winter… Send me yours!

Winter Fashion
Sometimes it does get a bit frustrating having to wear boots all the time, but hey, when worn right can make an outfit.
What would winter be without that coat that keeps you warm while making you look absolutely styling (as if you just walked out of a cover of a magazine)? I own three coats however that have stayed winning for 3 seasons now (yes, three)- these coats are always in fashion: my red coat that gives me that classy, independent woman feeling, my black coat that goes with just about everything in my closet… and of course
my tan leather jacket, perfect for when I’m in the mood for jeans!

When the weather is cold and grey it really does give you the perfect (excuse) reason to stay home, grab some takeaway or cook a nice meal, open a bottle of red and watch a movie. There’s something so soothing about lying in bed, enjoying a meal while keeping cosy and warm.

Woolies Butternut Soup

Yum!!! I can’t survive winter without my butternut soup- and Woolworths know how to make it best! A big pot of homemade soup is one of my most comforting food thoughts.

Drop me a line and tell me what you love (or loathe) about winter.

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