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Nono’s Guide To Survival In A Modern World

May 15, 2012

I had a very good feeling about 2012 at the start of the year, but the first couple of weeks of the New Year proved me very wrong. Unfortunately, we lost our cousin who was brutally stabbed – an incident that sent our family in mourning- what his killer referred to as a “mistake”. I was devastated.

But life went on…

I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve tried and didn’t succeed. I’ve hoped and been let down. Rejected. Dissapointed. Hurt.

I have learnt many lessons from all that’s happened this year, but primarily this: I am a survivor!

When the things we thought would kill us finally happen, to our surprise, we don’t fall apart- we live on.
We cry, we moan, we say we can’t go on. But we do. We carry on, and we surprise ourselves. We say we’ll never be the same again, we are scarred and somewhat changed but we learn to laugh again.
Just when we think the sun will not shine again, it does. You see, we hurt but we heal.
I have learnt not to underestimate myself, I’m capable of bouncing back from any blow.

Sure sounds pretty easy to do, I know it isn’t. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve taken a leap of faith only to fall flat on my face. I have been through it. The fear and pain, the confusion and feeling that you deserve all that happens. The internal battle, wanting to speak out but holding it all inside.
But I’m still here.
You are still here.

With many bruises and scars suffered, with bits of our hearts left behind, tears shed behind closed doors, come morning, we put on a brave face- we continue to fight.

It takes a person of character to see beyond this moment and realize that it won’t always be this way.

With all we’ve been through- we still smile, we still laugh, we still choose to look at the bright side of life… and we go on to do beyond what we thought we were capable of accomplishing. We are strong people.
With everything that tried to hurt us, break us, steal joy from us, we made it… And if we have come this far, having been through all that, imagine the possibilities…

We seldom acknowledge our strengths but too quick to believe the limitations of our weaknesses.

Believe in yourself.
We have come too far.
Been through too much.
Overcome many obstacles.
We didn’t collapse along the way…

We are survivors.

– Nono Cele

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