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March 8, 2012

Naturally Yours…

Three months into 2012 and I can safely say it’s the year for me to LIVE MY PURPOSE. To be more daring, more focussed, more driven. A year to be unapologetic about being me! A year to do do better… making my dreams a priority.

For too long, we have believed that our success was up to our employers when in fact, our success is up to us. In such a short space of time, 2012 has allowed me to own my power and not depend on someone else to give me a break in life. To stand for the things I believe in and not be intimidated. To be able to stand and say “This is who I am” without apologizing for my strengths. To care about what people think but not allow that to become my truth.
In these three months, I have realized that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have realized that there are no excuses for not living the life of your dreams…

Life took me on a journey where I had to question myself about where I was headed. While I love my life and enjoy what I do- I want to be more than just a TV producer. This journey forced me to look at my interests, my passion, my abilities and my potential… Am I doing what I believe in? Who do I want to become in life? What do I want to be remembered for? What is my purpose?

And just like that, Naturally Yours was born…
A gorgeous friend of mine (Jessica Linden) and I have teamed up to start our own line of cosmetics, ever so fabulous- a perfect balance between style and sophistication. Class, personified.

And what a way to live, when you love what you are doing.

Our main production line is natural glycerine soaps which contain no harmful chemicals, preservatives, is Hypo-allergenic, PH- balanced and contain no animal products.
We also manufacture various other bathroom pamper products which service the Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Spa and Entrepreneurial industries.

These are the products that we offer (on order):
• Men’s and Ladies Bath soap
• Bath Salts
• Shower Gel
• Range of Perfume
• Body Butter (Coconut)
• Lip Balm (Range of Colors and flavours)
• Hair Accessories
• Nail Clipper, Nail file and Nail Polish Remover
• Hampers (From R120 up to R300)

As of today, we’re open for business and looking forward to having you as our client.
So whether it be someone’s birthday, a baby shower, Mother’s Day, or you feel like spoiling the woman in your life- let us help you do it in style.

To place an order, contact us via email:
Nono Cele:
Jessica Linden:

Find your purpose and live it… Naturally, it’s yours!
Nono Cele

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