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My Old, Purple Car

May 29, 2013


Working in the media industry, I meet a lot of people, most of who are well known in South Africa- soccer players, coaches, artists, presenters, fashionistas, designers, you name it.
Working alongside people who are deemed “role models” can be intimidating. Just being in their presence can make you feel inadequate if you haven’t discovered who you are…

It’s easy to compare yourself with these people, forgetting, that we are different people, running different races, for different purposes. They wear pretty (and expensive) clothes, they live in beautiful houses, and drive the best cars money can buy- rightfully so! But, at the end of the day, they are people- just like you and me. Instead of hating, we can all find inspiration in the fact that they are just running their race well.
Many ‘celebrities’ and influential people started with nothing. Many come from broken backgrounds. Many kept going in spite of criticism. Many cried at night but showed up with a smile at the office. Many took taxis to work. Many slept on the floor. No one would’ve guessed the future that lay ahead of them… That was just a beginning and after a while, after a season of not having enough, after many days of trying without much success, a blessing came.

This reminds me of my beloved, old, purple car (aka purple turtle), it’s what I am driving now but I am sure, I am well on the way to get myself a white Range Rover. No need to compete, no need to put pressure on myself, no need to feel ‘small’, I am running my race and staying on my lane.

How can God bless you when you are busy running other people’s races…
Stay in your own lane. Be good at being you. Run your race and run it well. Don’t let what other people are doing, what they are wearing, what they are driving, distract you. Don’t stop to compare their progress with yours. Don’t allow yourself to stare at someone else’s lane for so long that envy, bitterness and discouragement grow in you.

God is too good to make mistakes, too kind to let you labor without reward, too faithful to go back on His Word, and too loving to let you fail…


Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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