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December 18, 2012

Someone sent me a tweet recently congratulating me on some of the productions I’ve worked on and asked to be involved in my next production. I replied immediately, “Let 2013 be the year!” And I meant it.
For too long we have kept what we know to ourselves. We have hindered our own growth trying to keep others from growing. We have become “big bosses” and “superstars” with “big paychecks” but no time.
We are too busy being seen, being important, being on covers of magazines.

I once read that the first assignment of any great leader is to identify his or her successor. Sadly, we are the generation that doesn’t believe in this phenomenon because for a long time we have flirted with the idea of defining ourselves by what we have and do for a living.
We have become unbalanced because we’ve attached our egos and value on our jobs and possessions, instead of attaching our value on who we are. It’s great that we have corner offices and our faces are on billboards but what are we doing for other people?
We complain about how our people in our country are not progressing; but what is our contribution towards finding a solution? Are we doing enough to make a difference or are we part of the problem? Are we happy to stand on the sidelines as we watch the poor become poorer; teenagers throwing their lives away, oh yes, we finally got our freedom but we no peace of mind…

As successful as we have become, how many of us have taken the time to tutor or mentor someone else? Our pride should be in making a difference, touching lives, empowering others. We should never use our “busyness” as our excuse.
One day when we are no more, what will people have to say about us? Let’s leave behind a legacy.

Over the years I have learnt to separate myself from my work. While I love what I do, I am not defined by it. When I go home, I leave Nono the producer at work because people don’t care how important I am at work, they care that I care.
I want to be more than ‘Nono Cele the producer’, I want to be an asset, a friend, a mentor.
People need someone who will believe in them, empower them, listen to them. And yes, we are busy, our high profile jobs keep us in the office for hours but we have a responsibility to be a blessing to others.
As you make it in life, may you never forget where you came from and the impact made by those who took the time to invest in you.

I am busy writing down ideas for my next production, what I know without doubt is that at least one person will be empowered through that production.
Let’s change lives. Better yet, let’s change us.

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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