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My 2016 Prayer

December 30, 2015
Prayer// Thanksgiving// Rhema// Grateful


Heavenly Father,

First of all, thank You for leading me to this point~ thank You for the opportunity to recommit myself to You. You’ve been more than good to me…
When a New Year starts, I usually have a long list of prayers I need answered, but not this time…
All I want is You.
Just You.
Lord, I’m longing for You. There’s a void in my life only You can fill.
Refocus my life so that it’s more about You and less about me. Renew my mind so that I may see myself through Your eyes. Deliver me from evil so I may live to honor You. Redirect my life dear Lord so I may live for You. Purify my heart in order for me to birth dreams that are bigger than myself. Open my eyes so I can see You working in my life even when there’s no evidence of Your presence. Lord, unclog my ears so I may hear You clearly as You order my every step. Let Your peace overflow in my life so I can break free from past hurts. Flood my life with hope so I can ignore discouraging voices that tempt me to run from You. Quiet my emotions with the depths of Your love so I can walk in confidence and radiate Your beauty. My good Shepherd, take my hand and lead me on.

Extinguish the fires of unforgiveness that still burn within me. Rid me of my pride so I may kneel freely before You. Dig deep in my soul and remove any anger that I have housed there. Cleanse me from my sins and make me new again. Put out the fires of insecurity, jealousy and resentment that still flicker silently when I lay awake at night. Wipe away the tears that still fall when the tests and trials get too much for me. Help me to let go of dead dreams and show me how to dream again. Rid me of the cancer of a wounded spirit and set me free from pain. Deliver me Lord from secret issues, set me free from the nightmares of past traumas and increase my faith to conquer my fears of the unknown.
By Your hand, place me in a safe environment where I can dream again. Yes, to dream again. Restore my joy back to me so I can breathe without my heart throbbing with pain. Father, whisper Your words of life that give me the power to stand when I want to faint. I’m no longer asking for material things, as we move to 2016, Lord, do something radical with my heart. The change I’m desperate for is within.
Keep me from making plans that You are not part of. Keep me from setting goals that You have not given me the mandate to pursue. Keep me from reaching for things You have not placed on my path. Lord, teach me contentment. Help me to find beauty in living my life the way You intended for me to live~ in simplicity. Remove all clutter from my life, I pray. Uncomplicate my situation. Carry my heavy load. Wipe away my tears and shed Your light on the dark areas of my life. Bring an end to any relationship or friendship that hinders my growth. Remove anything or anyone in my life who keeps me from seeking You. Deal with any habit in my life that needs to be broken. Expose any flaw or weakness in me that is keeping me in bondage.
Help me to wake up everyday looking forward to hearing from You and in the process, rid me of any obsession I have with social media and/ or gossip. Help me to be a good daughter, a loving sister and a faithful friend. Let the character of Christ also be in me. I want to ooze Your kindness, compassion, patience, forgiveness and generosity. Train me to be a good steward of finances. I am tired of praying for financial blessings without prioritizing Your agenda for that money. I know Your plans are bigger than my comfort~ You desire for me to feed the poor and clothe the needy. Make my hands a good place for (Your) money to be. Let my mind be free from stress and my heart free of greed.
Lord, deliver me from the burden of pleasing people. Teach me to devote myself in pleasing You instead. Unshackle me from the chains of low self-esteem and give me the courage to run my race with humility, dignity and joy.

Lord, I have believed so many lies in my life, lies that have left me broken with trust issues, anger, doubt, and unbearable pain. I cry to You, heal me. I pray that Your truth would set me free from every lie I have accepted as a way of life. I pray that You would uproot any half-truth I have accepted about my identity. Help me never to put myself down because You have called me to be more than a conqueror. Reveal to me any area of deception in my life and help me to exchange those lies for Your truth. Drown my fears in Your perfect love and silence my insecurities with Your amazing grace. Call me deeper. Make me wiser.
I have invested so much of my time, so many of my early years, trying to fit in a world and a society that tells me that I have to have money to be deemed important or successful. And You shattered those lies with Your Holy Word. I have worked hard, I have denied myself time with my family and I have hurt those closest to me in pursuit of this goal, only to fall flat on my face, feeling empty and completely unsatisfied. Even at those low moments, You were showing me that true wealth has little to do with one’s financial status, and so much to do with the condition of their heart.
Lord, keep me on the path of life so I can bear fruit. Fix my eyes on You so I don’t waste my years in vain. Help me to invest my energy on things that matter to You. Call me to greater things.

Breathe in me, Holy Spirit. Breathe in me so I may live a holy life.
As I progress in life, anchor me on Your Word so I’m not derailed. As I move forward from this point, still my anxious heart so that I don’t rush Your perfect plan. As I interact with people, Lord give me the wisdom to treat them as Your children. As I grow, grant me humility so I can be a blessing to others. As I receive, make me more generous so I can be used as a vessel that ministers Your gospel. As I walk with You, heal my wounded heart so I may not cause pain. As I mature in my spiritual journey, give me a heart to serve Your people. As I prosper, put people around me that I’m called to help. As I thrive, help me to focus on the purpose for which You called me. And Lord, as I live, help me to bring You glory.
I let go of any pain suffered along the way. I let go of past disappointments and all rejection. I let go of all fears and all doubts. I let go of my failures and I entrust to You all my flaws. I confess all my sin and I turn my back on all my foolish ways. Forgive me for every careless word spoken, every decision made without You, every act done that hurt You, and every thought on my mind that disappointed You.
Empower me to live more fully. Re-energize me so I can be a vessel of joy. Send me forth to be all that You created me to be. Get me back on course and restore to me the joy of living. Put people around me that will sharpen, encourage and challenge me. Use whatever comes my way in 2016 to better me.
Father, I receive Your Word as the final authority in my life. I receive Your Holy Word as the bread of life and the wind beneath my wings. I receive Your Holy Spirit into my life, come and make a home in my heart. Usher me through this year and help me to be a light that shines for You.
After all said is said and done, after all prayers are prayed, and all requests are presented at Your feet, above all things, I pray that Your will be done in my life.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.


With love,
Your spoilt brat, Nono Cele

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