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Love Anyway

June 6, 2014


We are quick to say that we don’t want people in our lives who will cause us pain, but consider how much we have all grown through painful experiences. Consider how we are able to value real friends after we’ve faced betrayal. Consider how we accelerate in life after we’ve been knocked down, somehow through the pain, we gain new strength.
Each person in our lives is there to serve a certain purpose. We need to come to terms with the fact that other people’s roles in our lives will seem harsh and cruel, but that is for our own benefit. Some people will come into our lives and hurt us in order to bring forth wisdom that we cannot possess any other way. Some people will leave deep scars in our hearts, but from those scars will emerge great songs, great books, great stories that will one day benefit more than just us. That’s how we ought to view life; as an experience.
We must accept that other people will reject and ridicule us so we can truly appreciate acceptance. Other people will abuse us so that we learn how to live a life beyond their opinions of us. Other people will tear us into shreds with words of hatred so that we can learn to live life without allowing resentment to grow in us. Life is not always fair, but there is always something to learn.

When we refuse to see the lesson the people in our lives are here to teach, we unknowingly hinder our own progress. When we choose to hate people; when we take the easy way out of resenting or avoiding people we don’t like; we unconsciously close our own doors in life. Even the most annoying people are there to teach us how to manage our emotions, how to be objective, most importantly, how to listen gracefully (even if we don’t agree).

Bitter people say, “I loved someone once; I helped someone once; I did something nice once; and I got hurt and I won’t do it again.” Bitter people stay angry over things that have long passed. They keep bringing the past back to life so they can have an excuse to be average in life. Bitter people are professionals at nursing wounds that no longer need attention, just forgiveness. Bitter people are imprisoned people, limited by their own thinking. Bitterness is not strength, it is weakness.
Great people in life are not bound by those chains. Strong people don’t allow the evil done to them to define them. Successful people are governed by principles that set them free from hatred. They say, “I loved once, I helped someone once, I was nice to someone and I got hurt. But it doesn’t mean all people will hurt me. I learnt and I forgave. And I continue to love anyway.” Love is strength.
We can’t allow pain to cloud our judgement, to blind us, to stop us or discourage us.

Open your eyes so you don’t miss the lesson life is teaching. And even if the night is darker than it’s ever been, even if hate is all you see, Iove anyway…

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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