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Lessons My Mother Taught Me

August 14, 2011

I get so emotional sometimes, when I think of sacrifices my parents made in order for me to be where I am today. They are part of the reason why I just can’t give up on myself, on my dreams, on life- as close as I get to giving up, their faith and love for me keeps me going.

These are some of the Life Lessons my mother shared with me…

My mother once said being complete and feeling complete are 2 different things,

My mother sat me down and advised me to listen to this.

My mother says loving a man doesn’t make you weak but giving him power over you is not wise.

My mother said you don’t become a powerful woman just because you can pay your bills.

Mama says the true strength of a woman is in her ability to go before God on her knees.

My mother said; I have power to change the world, that’s what being alive entails, live to make an impact.

Mother said if we can open our hearts, change can be made because love never fails.

My mother said being a woman has nothing to do with finding a man, Just as a baby doesn’t make a girl a mother, Mama said my eyes will be opened if I’m willing to learn.

When Mom said this, I wrote her words inside my heart.

Mamma said; womanhood is something that happens inside.

Mamma said fulfillment always starts with putting God first in your life,

Mother said, “Know God first before you dream about being a man’s wife.”

She said, “You’re lost until you know His perfect love.”

She warned that true wisdom doesn’t come from a magazine but from fearing the Man above.

Mama encouraged me to dream big, but above all, Mama preached about respect,

My mother always says, no matter the wrong, you are responsible for how you react.

Mother said “Greet people with a smile,”

And even today, she still says, “Be polite… Always check the condition of your heart…”

My mother encouraged me to be a woman of power, a woman of character, I can almost hear her say

“Class is something no amount of money can buy.”

My mother said to forget about fashion because pretty clothes don’t mean you have style.

Mother said as long I take care of myself and carry myself with respect and dignity- there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

My mother said all this, tears filled my eyes…

Mamma was gentle but never at the expense of crippling my growth (she gave tough love when tough love was due)

My mother said, happiness is not about having things; it starts with loving you,

When I made mistakes my mother said, “Always get up, otherwise, life will kill you.”

Mother said, it’s human to err, but I must not look at where I fell but rather at what caused me to fall.

My mother said we all do wrong sometimes, but life must go on.

When people hurt me, Mama said, “Forgive them baby, it will free you…”

Mama said, “If you postpone happiness, you might as well throw your life away.”

My mother taught me that no matter how little I had, I was rich because I was alive.

Mother advised me to cherish time because any day, it could slip away.

When mother said all this, it touched my heart.

My mother doesn’t boast about what she has, but she says she knows who she is.

“God will bless you with things when things mean nothing to you and He’s your everything.”

My mother blesses me.

To me, my mother is a Queen.

Love overflows when Mama opens her mouth to speak.

I love you, NG. Thank you.

Your daughter,

Nono Cele

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