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June 16, 2015

June 11, 2015


As we approach June 16 2015, two questions trouble my mind: What are you doing with your life other than living for yourself? What legacy will you leave behind?

So much is said about how the government is failing, and I will be the first to admit that they have not met our expectations in the last two decades. But for how long can we sit by the sidelines and blame the state for our circumstances? For how long can we be angry at the ruling party while we fold our hands and wait for them to do something? For how long can we play the role of the victim while life passes us by, and our story still remains half untold? At some point, we need to draw the line and make up our minds to be the change we seek. We need to realize that if we continue to complain, if we focus our energy on finding fault with the government and if we insist on striking every time we are unhappy about decisions made, we are making matters worse not only for ourselves but for the next generation. If we insist to make self-defeating decisions, if we insist on making emotional decisions, our lives will deteriorate to a level we have ever imagined. If we allow our circumstances to determine our actions, our lives will remain stagnant, the efforts for our freedom wasted, and possibly futile.

As young people, we need to stop relying on other people for our success; it’s time we stood on our own two feet. The hero we have been waiting for is us.


We have overcome so much in this country to be defeated now. Those who went before us have paved the way for us through blood, sweat and tears. They conquered tremendous pain, and suffered to the point of death and we owe it to them to live lives that are worthy of their sacrifice. Hear me when I say, we are not entitled to anything- life does not owe us anything, no one does. We are blessed to live an era where our dreams are a possibility, we are fortunate to live in a time where we are free to speak our minds, free to write our songs, free to travel the world, free to share our ideas, free to make a lasting impact in the world.

As long as we think we are owed something, we will always be imprisoned in our minds. As long as we teach ourselves to rely on government grants, all we will ever believe about ourselves is that we are incapable of great things. If all we are willing to settle for is mediocrity, we will never know our true potential. We owe the world our greatness. We need to stop relying on government and challenge ourselves to do the great things we feel they are failing to do.

We are here to live out loud, to make our mark, to run our race, to chase our dreams, to impact the world- but we cannot do that if all we are concerned with is what the government is doing. So what if the government won’t build us houses, we will build those houses with our bare hands? So what if they will not give us jobs, we are entrepreneurs, we will start our own businesses and create more jobs. We are able to make a difference, we are capable to come up with great ideas, we are well bale to make South Africa a better country than it is. But that requires our involvement. It requires us abandoning the victim mentality. It requires taking responsibility for our country, lives, and ultimately our decisions.

I challenge you and I to stop looking at government for answers that we have access to. Freedom comes at a cost you see, and we need to protect our freedom by being responsible for the country we live in.  If all we ever do is complain, when we die, what would we have contributed in making South Africa better?

We owe this world our greatness… Anyone can complain, anyone can play the victim, anyone can find fault, but who dares makes a change? Let us be counted amongst the brave, let us be counted amongst those who will get involved in making a difference. Are you bold enough to let the world see you shine?


Love always,

Nono Cele

Twitter: @Nono_Cele



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