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August 1, 2013


It’s been said a million times that women are always at war with each other. This is what the media prints and that’s what society believes about women (sadly, even women have adopted this stinking attitude). Such assumptions used to upset me until I realized that my anger achieved nothing. Instead, I could be the difference in a society that is desperate to cause a rift between sisters.
We cannot deny that as women we have had our fair share of drama- since the beginning of time, women have always been compared to one another based on their looks, causing tension between us. But we have come along way since then and it is up to us to silence the world’s pessimism.
It’s time we stop pointing at each other’s flaws and start supporting one another as sisters.

This month, we celebrate women- young and old. This month is not about who is younger, thinner or more famous, it’s about the fact that we are better together. Whether you’re mother or not, wife or single, student or an employee, businesswoman or currently unemployed, you deserve to be celebrated because you bring something unique into this world that no one can else can.
This month, we are not only celebrating a woman’s existence, her power and her beauty- we are celebrating her value. We are celebrating every memory, we are celebrating the way she carries herself, whether she is wearing a designer outfit or a cheap dress, her aura and sweet presence that causes people around her to smile and laugh, we are celebrating the heroin who always sees the best in people, the mother in her who is always taking care of other people’s needs, the sister in her who is always there to save the day, the friend in her who is always there when we are afraid.

As we celebrate this special month, I have made a decision to empower another woman. Be it a colleague, a friend or my domestic executive, there’s no better gift than to help someone else achieve their goals in life- that is what women are about, many men have succeeded because we carried them on our shoulders. That is what makes us powerful beyond words.
Society will probably continue writing about us, trying to divide us, remember, you can be the difference. You are woman.

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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