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Here’s to 2017

December 16, 2016



2017 is upon us and soon, New Year resolutions will be made. But the question is; how many of us will commit to what we say we want? How many of us are willing to do whatever it takes to possess what our dreams? How many of us are willing to work hard and go an extra mile in order for us to attain the vision we see when we close our eyes? How many of us are prepared to bounce back from the setbacks and challenges that come with being a dreamer? How many of us are serious enough about our dreams? Before you make any plans for the New Year, be clear on what it is you want and calculate the cost of your dream so that you don’t get discouraged or sidetracked along the way.


A Wish and a Dream

All of us have a dream. It is the ultimate destination. It’s that thing we long for. It’s that fire that burns within us that we cannot explain. It’s that desire that gets us excited about life. It’s that vision that keeps us moving forward no matter how badly we’ve fallen before. You need to know what your dream is. And you need to be committed to it. But remember, a dream is not a wish.

A wish says, “It would be nice to be a successful author.” But a dream is more passionate, more direct, but most importantly, it gets you working! A dream says, “I have to be a successful author.”

A dream gets you up in the morning when you’d rather be sleeping. A dream pushes you to try again after you’ve failed a million times. A dream enables you to see beyond where you are, to where you want to be. A dream is what keeps you going when it would be easy to give up. A dream is what sets you apart, it’s what makes you the superstar, it’s the only thing that will ever fulfil you. But you have to know what it is.


Bounce Back

Challenges will come. But rest assured, you can bounce back from anything. I know this because I have seen it in my life. I have bounced back from some painful things. As a child, I bounced back from a sickness that almost claimed my life. As a school girl, I bounced back from bullying and low self-esteem. As a teenager I bounced back from an attitude that almost led me down a dangerous path. As a young adult I have bounced back from betrayal, insults, ridicule and all sorts of negativity. But none of those things silenced my dream. I made up my mind that no matter what comes my way, I cannot be discouraged or distracted from the vision I have for my life; I am determined to win!

This does not mean that I don’t fall. In fact, I fall often. I make mistakes, I miss the mark and sometimes I cry. But one thing I don’t do is quit. You can count on me to keep making a comeback. I don’t stay down simply because I know that God heals.


Let Go of what weighs you down

Be honest with yourself. Don’t self-destruct. Confront any and every habit, thought and attitude that hinders your growth. Are you negative? Learn to count your blessings more often. Are you constantly complaining? Discipline yourself and learn to focus on the good. Do you use your past as an excuse for where you are? Well, get rid of your excuses and set goals to move forward! Are you unhappy with your weight? Commit to going to the gym! Are you full of fear? Learn to work on your faith. Do you have bad friends? Well, simply change your number! I’m kidding, but you have to be fearless and let go of people who are weighing you down. You’ll be glad you did!

Whatever is hindering your growth will continue to steal your victory unless you learn to confront it and deal with it.


Stop Looking Externally for what can only be found Within

Let me tell you something you might not know about yourself: You are perfect for your purpose. Most people doubt themselves. They don’t think they are worthy of their dream. They say, “I’m not smart enough- good enough- experienced enough- thin enough- connected enough…” But these are just lies they tell themselves. They are unconsciously disqualifying themselves from what God has already qualified them for. They make themselves victims, and surrender to fear.

You were born with what you need in order for you to win! You might need more knowledge concerning your dream. You might require to learn a certain skill. You might need to read more. But those are all things that can be learnt. You have the exact amount of courage, hope and fire for what you want to achieve- and those things can’t be taught! They already exist within you. They are just sitting there, waiting for you to tap into them.


Beware of Distractions

After I applied for TV school, I received two letters from the university saying I had been accepted for two courses I had not applied for. As weeks passed by, I started to panic because no response came from the TV school. I started to doubt, I started to question, I started to panic. A few weeks before the varsity opened, I finally received my mail and they had accepted my application. But, guess what? When I checked the dates, I should’ve gotten the letter from the TV school first but due to a mess up at the Post Office, there was a delay. That taught me a lesson I will never forget: keep the faith!

Don’t be easily distracted. When things aren’t working out as planned, don’t doubt, continue to believe.  Additionally, don’t compete; remember that even though we may be headed the same direction as other people, we are on different lanes. Stay in your lane. Focus.

Lastly, carry no emotional baggage with you. Your dream demands your best. It requires your presence, your passion, and your emotions. You can’t be all over the place, so, forgive everyone for everything. Simply put; you can’t afford to have emotional baggage weighing you down because it will cost you—pay no attention to the hate, forgive those who hurt you and as the Bible says, pray for those who persecute you. And keep moving! You lose nothing by forgiving.

Don’t contaminate your greatness with bitterness, unforgiveness and hate. Let it go, it’s not worth it! There is nothing so painful that it can’t be forgiven, forgotten or simply let go. Those who hate don’t win, unless you hate themand in so doing, you destroy yourself.


I wish you a blessed 2017. May you run fearlessly towards your dreams! No excuses, no half-hearted efforts and definitely no limits!



Love and light,

Nono Cele

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