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January 30, 2013


It’s the end of January; the novelty of the New Year will soon wear off and most people will get back to living life the way they always have and they will remain unchanged, uninspired, unsuccessful. To them, 2013 will just be another year of the same old habits, same old mistakes, same old excuses, same old drama, same old mediocre, “same old, same old”.
But for a select few, 2013 is about a new attitude, a new way of looking at life, a new beginning, a newness of self…and only those who are committed to their dreams will be victorious come end of 2013.

One of the things that keep me on course throughout the year is the reminder that my success is my responsibility- no one is going to do it for me. My dreams won’t come true without my commitment and commitment doesn’t come cheap. Commitment means sacrifice, and that’s something our generation doesn’t want to hear about. Sometimes commitment requires us to be the first to wake up in the morning and the last to go to bed at night. Sometimes commitment means having the patience to start at the bottom and work our way to the top. And our commitment will often be tested, and the question beckons, can we keep working when it seems nothing is happening and can we keep a good attitude when no one is watching?

In the process of our dreams coming true, we cannot compromise on commitment to the things we want to achieve. We can’t be “sort of committed” or “kinda committed” to our vision, our half-hearted effort will not get us anywhere.
In the words of Andy Roddick, “At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t.”

The only difference between us and some of the greatest people who ever lived is commitment.
Commitment to the cause, commitment to work, commitment to school, commitment to a marriage, commitment to our children, commitment to our friends, commitment to our dreams, commitment to be the best… Commitment isn’t about convenience, it’s about dedication. Someone once told me that a winner makes a commitment while a loser makes promises.
This is the year of great things as long as we keep our eyes on the prize. Stay committed to your dreams… Have the heart of a champion.

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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