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June 2, 2015

My fabulous Life

Pick up the latest copy of You, Drum, Bona, Cosmopolitan or True Love magazine, each edition promises an exclusive of someone’s life- things we simply must know according to the publication. Switch on the TV and you will be bombarded with opinions of what it means to “make it” in life. And the so-called reality shows are a perfect presentation of what we need to do to find the right partner, how we can be (and look) like others, and of course, tips for losing weight (because according to society, even if you’re petite you must be dissatisfied with some part of your body). Log on Twitter and you be updated on latest trends, get on Facebook and you will find a quiz that will tell you what your birth date says about you… and for #OOTD photos, get on Instagram. We are swamped with all this information, but sadly we aren’t doing a good job of setting boundaries, we don’t know when to stop uploading, quit browsing, go offline, just log off.
Social media can be extremely beneficial; but we must also be wary of its negative impact it has on our lives. Look at the things we have done, look at how much pressure we have succumbed to just because “everyone was doing it!”

With so many people talking at the same time (with many platforms to speak on), sadly, we’ve forgotten the importance of listening to ourselves. One of the disadvantages of social media is that it has taught us to be slaves of other people’s opinions. More and more we have become people who feel the need to update the world on our daily activities and share pictures that should not be made public. As a result, we hide behind a fake account, fake life, fake self.

We have become so hungry for the attention of others that we are willing to compromise our values. Social media has taught us to fear disapproval and criticism. We have become so disillusioned that when someone disagrees with us or points out something we are doing wrong, we are quick to call them a hater. What ever happened to correction? Who have we become?

Social media has taught us to fear judgment, thus slowly killing us with false compliments. Social media has taught that it’s OK to be rude and it’s acceptable to disrespect others and call ourselves “tough”. Even worse, social media has made us lazy to reach out to others! We are under the impression that just because we used the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, we’ve made a difference. Social media, as great as it is, is slowly turning us into cold, insensitive people. We are so desperate to be relevant that we are willing to embarrass ourselves, our parents, our generation.

We must realize that our lives are far too precious and valuable to require validation of a like or a retweet.

I am not suggesting that we all quit social media, but I dare suggest that we don’t live for social media. I dare say, our online activity should mean we are empowering and inspiring people there- instead of showing off and competing with people we don’t even know. Let us be present in the lives of people we claim to love, and let social media starve because it cannot have our private moments.

Free your mind from the weight of other people’s opinions. You never live life fully until you are free from the fear of what others think! You can’t shine if you’re still competing or needing approval. Free your mind!


Love always,

Nono Cele

Twitter: @Nono_Cele



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  • Tumi August 3, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    You are so right in that we always feel the need to be relevant , the need to conform, the need to look cool and fit in with the world. What we forget is why we are really on earth, why is it that we were created? What is our purpose? And as soon as we figure that out then then need to be like the world will gradually fade. I’m still trying to figure out my purpose in this world and hopefully one day I’ll figure it out. Great blog Nono.

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