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September 21, 2016



As someone who’s very passionate about empowerment of young leaders and mentorship of young people, I have realized something very sad about our generation: we don’t believe in our own magic! Somewhere along the lines, we allowed the darkness outside to influence what’s within and that darkness has corrupted us and blinded us and weakened us. We forgot that we are like stars, the darker the world, the brighter we ought to shine! Somehow, we became convinced that we have little or no control over our destinies and accepted this lie as truth. We limited our thinking and dreaming to a system that weighs heavy on our souls. We surrendered our dreams to a world that tells us that success hinges on fame, status, and possessions. We allowed ourselves to be deceived about our identities and so we learnt to think small and dream small. Our dreams and potential remain untapped and undiscovered. We are not dying because of lack of opportunities, but lack of self-belief. We have underestimated our own greatness for too long. Only a few are truly aware of the goldmine they have within. Few have discovered the power of their dreams! As a result, we find ourselves stuck in careers we hate; or jumping from one job to the next because we have never learnt to pursue our calling. When we graduate from school, we take all our big dreams and big ideas and put them in a closet and keep them locked up there. We have been taught to surrender our ideas and our greatness to employment. We have been told to be grateful that we have been given opportunities… But what we don’t realize is that, what will take us further in life is discovering and unearthing what we were created to do and finding out who we were born to be as opposed to pouring all our energy and time on the terms of employment. When we tie ourselves down to a job, we cease to dream big! In doing so, our potential dies a slow and painful death. Before we know it, we are 30 plus, and living a life we hate.

Jim Rohn once said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

That is so true! We tie ourselves to jobs and careers and find ourselves bitterly disappointed when they don’t live up to our expectations. The key to our greatness lies in us pursuing what we were born for. The magic is in chasing our calling relentlessly! No matter how side-tracked or distracted we get, the fire of greatness lingers in our hearts, the desire to be more is always there~ our purpose is always calling our names! And we will not find complete peace until we are on the lane we were created to be on! It’s important that we give our dreams the best of ourselves and not our left-overs! Let’s not allow ourselves to be distracted from our true purpose any longer.


Make big plans for your life!

Let nothing stop you from seeing yourself as a success in life!

Pursue what you are most passionate about!

Do not postpone for later what you should be doing today.

Fear has no place in our lives.

I understand that we all need money to get by, but that should never come at the cost of handcuffing ourselves to something we don’t believe in. It is reckless and irresponsible in this day and age to ignore our dreams and ideas.

A friend of mine from high school always hated the idea of having a 9 to 5 kind of a job, but he (like most of us) thought that that was the only way to get ahead and create wealth. So he joined the marketplace for two years and absolutely hated it! He’s a T-shirt and shorts kind-of-a-guy, but at work, he was restricted to a shirt and a tie. He quickly learnt that in the corporate world, he could not be as free as he wanted to be- there were policies and rules in place that hindered his creativity and limited his ability to express himself. He once said to me, a part of him died every time he went to his office, he felt like he was missing out on life. This tortured him! He started withdrawing from his friends and he lost his zest for life. After a mild meltdown at the office one afternoon, he decided that the corporate environment wasn’t for him (something he had known since high school days). Although he had made a name for himself in a short space of time, he decided that his happiness and wellbeing were more important than outward success. He resigned and walked away from it all.

He took time off to discover who he was and what he wanted to contribute into the world. He’s always been fascinated with computers and gadgets, and he started his own company where he spends endless hours following his passion- building gadgets! I saw him recently and he was beaming! He said to me, “Nono, I am finally free!” How powerful and profound that at age 32, he can say that he is doing something with his life that gives meaning to him. But we need not wait so long to discover our true calling because even though we might get lost sometimes, it never gets lost~ our purpose is always calling us, it is always true and never misleading, it is always directing us to our place of honor and greatness. Today, the friend of mine mentioned above is living the life of his dreams, moreover, he’s mentoring other young people who share his passion for gadgets. His life has completely changed! He’s happier and healthier, richer and more creative than ever. That’s the kind of attitude we should all have towards life. These are the kind of people that inspire me in life!


I’m not suggesting that we all start companies or quit our jobs, I’m saying: pursue your calling! A job will never be able to fulfill or sustain you. Employers have their own priorities that have nothing to do with your wellbeing. To stay in a place you were not destined for is to kill yourself because you will not thrive there, no matter how much you try! Success just looks better on happy people who are doing things they were born to do.

Discover your calling. Listen to your heart. Follow your passion and use your God-given talents. Think about who you want to be and allow that to guide you. You don’t have to follow a certain career path because other people are doing so. It’s simply not true that there aren’t enough opportunities in the world; it’s just that very few people are daring enough to chase their dreams.


I’ve always felt led to work in the media industry, to inspire people, and write books, while mentoring young people and traveling. My parents had no way of making this happen for me due to our limited resources but that did not stop me from dreaming it. As a young teen, I made several entries in my journal about these dreams and now I’m living the life that I once dreamt of. I have learnt the power of dreaming big and not selling myself short based on circumstances. I am learning to dream even bigger now! I have come to the realization that if I limit myself in my thinking, I close doors for myself. Everything is possible for the one who believes! No matter how bizarre, or impossible or crazy your dream seems, don’t give up on it. When you are a big dreamer, your faith will move mountains, leap over impossibilities, overcome fear, ignore negativity, open doors for you and defeat giants!


The magic is already in you! Dream big!


Love and light,

Nono Cele

Twitter me: @Nono_Cele


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