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Don’t Self-Destruct

June 10, 2013


As we succeed, I know we are told to look out for “haters”, but I dare say, there’s an enemy far more dangerous than those who seek to see us fail in life. More often than not, the enemy is us.
Most of us were never taught how to be good to ourselves. We weren’t taught how to make decisions that nurture and empower us without being selfish. And because of this, we make decisions in life that hurt our growth.
Some of us were hurt by one person, and instead of dealing with that, we go around hurting other people because hurt people hurt people. Maybe someone we admired disappointed us, and instead of learning something from that experience, we’ve allowed that disappointment to steal away our faith in people. Some of us failed at one business venture, now we feel beaten by life. Some of us think we can drown our sorrows in “fun”, in work or alcohol, forgetting that sorrows know how to swim. I know someone who rejects everything good that comes into his life because someone who was supposed to love him told him he’s a nobody… 20 plus years later, he still believes this lie. Such imprisonment. Such self-hate. Such pain. You see, sometimes the enemy of our success is us.

I know this is a topic we shy away from because we are into appearances, but I challenge you and I to be bold enough to do a spring cleaning within. Deal with yourself. Don’t self-destruct. Stop wanting to win out there but keep failing within.
Self-sabotage is subtle but brutal… It’s the unkind words we say to ourselves, it’s the fear we allow to conquer us, it’s the inadequacy we feel about ourselves. It’s the painful junk we refuse to let go of…
It’s the people we let stay in our lives even though we know they should leave. It’s the feelings we succumb to instead of ignoring them. It’s the habits we feed instead of starving them. It’s the mistake we allow ourselves to make over and over again. It’s the toxic friends we keep hanging out with even though we should walk away. It’s the decision we know we should make but keep procrastinating. It’s the change we know we must make but keep avoiding. Oh yes, it’s the “goodbye” we are too scared to say, but have to…

Let’s stop hurting ourselves. Quit the self-sabotage, stop with the self-hate, enough of the self-destruction.

Let go of all that doesn’t serve your happiness. Let go of all that doesn’t make you better. Let go of all that doesn’t add value to your life… Look within, and make sure you aren’t your own worst enemy. Who needs the devil when you can self-destruct?

Face the enemy within, and you will conquer the enemy out here.

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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