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Don’t Abort

May 14, 2013

Nono Cele, the Queen

What most people miss about life is that we are all carrying a promise, a dream, a purpose and our joy in life is tied to whether we birth that purpose or not. All humankind are pregnant with purpose; that’s what we call, potential. But here’s a diclaimer, just as a mother-to-be experiences morning sickness, we are bound to experience sickness of our own in our journey to be all we can be.


Afford me the opportunity to take you on a journey for a few minutes…
Suppose you met this guy and he says he really likes you. He showers you with attention and says all the ‘right things’ at the right time. Your emotions are going out of control, and you feel like this is the best thing that ever happened to you.
He’s really feeding your need to be needed and you like it. And just like that, you’ve fallen for him and are toying around with the idea of being his queen and mother to his kids.

The two of you are moving too fast too soon, and you think it’s cute. It must be love, after all, you reason. He’s telling you about how he can’t wait to see you, to hold you, be with you, his hands all over you, never-mind that he’s not mentioning his heart.
He’s got you cooking, cleaning, calling and compromising because naturally, women always want to please the person they love. So now, you are convinced that you don’t want to lose him, you’re telling your friends he’s the one.

A few days, weeks or months into this, the pregnancy test comes back positive. And somehow you think this must be God’s way of saying the two of you are meant to be. A baby is on the way, and he says he’s not ready for that kind of responsibility. And now it feels as though the world is against you. How did you get here, you ask. How can this be, you question. But what about the promises?
And it suddenly becomes clear to you that his ‘I want you’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘I love you.’ In not so many words, he hints that he’s not sticking around for you or the kid… He mumbles something about how the both of you aren’t ready for that and how he’s still getting his ducks in a row. You’re shocked. No, hurt. Or maybe both. What does this mean for you, and the baby? Desperate, you wish you’d thought about this relationship thoroughly before you gave him your heart and now it’s too late.  You’re a child carrying a child but he won’t acknowledge his seed. You’re in too deep, you’re struggling to breathe. You wish you could go back in time but you can’t, now you understand why God’s love is patient… All of a sudden, you consider how Mama will feel, the disappointment, the rage, the pain, is it worth it? And your friends, what will they say? This will make you an unwed mother, that’s still frowned upon back home, and at church, just thinking about it makes you sick. Two teardrops on the floor, and your heart breaks.  How can it be that this man’s got you praying more than ever~ “Heaven, can you hear me?”
Sure, you’ve got rights but baby don’t abort…

Trouble will come, people will talk, things will fall apart- but don’t give up. Take it from someone who has tasted her fair share of ridicule, opposition and failure, no matter what comes at you, it’s important to chin up, put your shoulders back and just keep walking. Hear me when I say, trouble won’t last. No matter how many mistakes you make, you can make a comeback simply because you are born brilliant. There’s no trouble, no error, and no setback that can be an end of you- unless you let it.


Whatever you are carrying, be it a vision, a dream, or a baby, don’t abort it just because it seems like it’s the end, don’t you know trouble is just the beginning of something great?
How many people have told us we can’t do it, we can’t make it, can’t achieve it… They remind us, we aren’t good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough… and we put them to shame daily and succeed anyway.

Let success and joy be the answer to those who said to you, ‘There’s no way’.
Just because you don’t know what to do doesn’t mean this is the end. And surely, God will make a way.

Don’t abort your blessing because of people.
Baby don’t give up, carry this vision, carry this baby, carry this dream full term until it produces something great…and it will!


Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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