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Destined for Impact

November 12, 2012

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense… You could be doing the best you know how to do and still things fall apart. You could be praying and still feel like no one is listening. You could love someone with your whole heart and still not be together. You could go the extra mile and no one notice. You could be surrounded by thousands of people and still feel incredibly alone. I have been there.

It was during such a time in my life that I got the idea to start a mentorship programme that could inspire and help others. But I was not sure how to go about this idea then…and I soon forgot all about it. That was 3 years ago.

After a series of bad events this year (2012), a dear friend of mine decided that he couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and he took his own life. Maybe he thought, it was best that way, that’s not for us to judge. But what I know is that he left us with a vacant place in our hearts no one can fill. And things aren’t better without him. My goodness, there are moments when I hear his favorite song, and I wish he was still around and we could sing along to Drake’s “Doing Wrong” together. We miss him. I miss him.

In my grief, I thought about how alone he must’ve felt to go through with suicide. Hopeless. Helpless. Exhausted. And my idea from 3years ago came back to me. Without delay this time, I decided to start my own mentorship programme called Destined for Impact.
There were many moments in my life I wished I had had a strong person in my life (other than my parents) who was committed to my success as much as I was. Someone I could call and be honest to about my feelings, my frustrations and weaknesses.
With the support of my friends (my sisters), I realized my dream and started this programme, Destined for Impact, and we are committed to doing exactly that- making an impact. Though we don’t take life’s challenges away, we give people an opportunity to connect, to have someone mentor them, pray with them, be there for them. We care.

When things fall apart, we often feel like we are the only ones suffering but that’s not true. Lost in our own pain, we start entertaining thoughts of defeat. Instead of giving up, we need to get better at wearing our scars well. Yes we have been bruised but that’s not how the story ends. It’s not that we don’t hurt, but we must learn to smile through the pain. I personally have learnt to be responsible with my pain, to use it to inspire someone else (that’s why I write).

This world needs you. This world needs to hear your story. This world needs your purpose. As long as you are alive, you have something to contribute to this world, never forget. Just keep believing, keep breathing, keep trying…

And when it all gets too much, remember…you were destined for impact.

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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