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Dear You

August 29, 2018



Dear you— you are invincible!

God has given you power, ability and opportunity to flourish! Your time is now. Today is filled with endless blessings— pray for grace to see what you have available to you and the courage to use it.


The only person who can limit you is you!
How? By thinking small. By staying scared. By allowing the past to define you. By allowing other people’s fears to become yours. By owning their insults. By dwelling on their attitude towards you. By feeding your insecurities. By speaking negative words over your life. By seeing yourself as a victim. Have courage to see yourself beyond where you are now!
Your mind must serve you, feed it truth about your identity— you are a winner, a conqueror, a survivor, salt to the earth and the light of the world.


Don’t allow anything or any person to cause you to self-hate, self-doubt or self-destruct. When you err, admit the fall, take responsibility and grow. Learn the art of acknowledging the good in your life. Instead of saying “I’m fine,” boldly declare, “I’m happy!” Or “I’m winning!” Don’t downplay your strengths. Learn to take compliments. If you’re good at something— admit it! In doing so, you inspire others to pursue and enjoy what they are also good at.
People may say bad things about you but never (ever) say bad things about yourself. Say to yourself, “I’m proud of you!” Your ears, your heart and your body need to hear your voice speaking life.
Be careful of distractions. When you stop doing what you were meant to do and concentrate on what other people are doing or saying, you slow down your progress. You are taking your eyes off what matters most— your purpose and your happiness. Just keep going. Remember, you can’t respond to everyone who’s hurling insults at you. As painful as it is, some people don’t deserve a response, but you must give them your forgiveness for your own good. There will be moments when you’ll have to put your foot down and respond to the haters but you have to know that those moments are not all the time. Select your words carefully and keep them sweet.

Pay attention— what people say and what people do are two different things, watch their character. Be a person of integrity, stay true to your word and do right by everyone, respecting people will take you far in life. Know the difference between an acquaintance and a friend— not everyone is there for the right reasons. Stick to your values and do not compromise these for anyone. If something doesn’t feel right about someone— don’t ignore it. Pay attention! Stop. Assess. Look. Ask. Honor yourself by respecting yourself.

People will like you and some will not, keep moving. People will speak negatively about you no matter how kind you are to them, keep moving. People will offend you, forgive and keep moving. People will portray you as someone you’re not just to distract you from your purpose, keep your eyes on the prize. People will behave in hurtful ways to see how you’ll respond— have your heart in check.

You’re also going to make mistakes, and trip and stumble and miss the mark and say things you didn’t mean and act without thinking— it’s part of life. But get up! Hey, I mean it, get up! Forgive everyone, especially (mostly importantly) yourself. Be gracious in tough times. Understand yourself. Know your limits. Be familiar with your weaknesses. Don’t be scared of the dark parts of you— embrace it all. Be aware of the things that drain you so you can handle yourself better in those moments. Work on yourself— read, pray, work out, forgive, think positively, laugh, practice kindness, be grateful, voice your views, let go of the past— it’s an endless journey. Learn the lessons and graciously let yourself off the hook when you fail. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re all you’ve got.

Oh and, dance. You’ve got to dance. Even with two left feet, learn to celebrate whatever level you are on.

Again, you’re invincible— others can try but the only one who can stop you is you!


Love and light,
Nono Cele
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