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Dear Future Husband

April 8, 2014


Dear Future Husband

Most people don’t believe in a love like ours anymore. The notion of me waiting for you and you waiting for me seems ludicrous to hearts that have been bruised and battered and taken for granted.
Because of the unfaithfulness, hurt and rejection that our world has experienced, the idea of such romance is unfathomable because as a society, we have become cynical. We are accustomed to relationships falling apart, love not lasting and hearts breaking. We have come to believe that men always cheat and women always leave.
With that said; I cannot imagine a world more hopeless, a society more chaotic, a generation more lost than that that does not believe in love. And for this reason, every fibre in my body believes in love…believes in you, believes in us.
The conviction of my faith in our love makes no sense, it seems so reckless, so foolish, so…simple? However, I am not phased, I am not shaken, I am not in doubt; for you, I am completely patient.

No matter how ridiculous it may sound- I will wait for you. I’m convinced that God made you with me in mind and me (made) for you with you in mind. The hands of God Himself crafted the shape of our bodies to our liking- even the silly things we like about each other, He approved (like how we love to hear each other laugh).
And for this reason, I cannot imagine myself giving into these silly boys who have no vision. I cannot degrade myself (and what I believe in) by laying beside a heart that does not believe in the beauty of such unselfish love.
Despite their great efforts to woo me, I can’t bring myself to settle for less than you. I will wait for you.
I will not rest in the arms of a man-wanna-be who does not know how to love me. I will not entertain foolish guys who think they can enjoy the benefits of being with me but not have the responsibility of being a good partner.
I will hold on to the values of love and never allow a boy who does not take pride in taking care of me to waste my time. I refuse to be with someone who is not you just so I can say, I’m with Mr Somebody.
I will not shortchange myself by settling for a boy who has only grown in years but not in heart (in wisdom, in affection, in love). No matter how many lonely nights are ahead, I will endure them with a smile upon my face because I am determined to live my life without compromising on what I believe in. I will wait for you.

I will wait for the warmth of your hugs, I will wait for your passionate kisses, I will wait and I will know you by your sweet presence when you are in the room… I will know you by your character; by your humility; by your grace to treat everyone with respect. I will know you by your kindness, by your generosity and by your consistency in the things that propel everyone around you to be a better person.
I will wait without ever giving up. And when my faith feels weak, I will cry, but never throwing away my hope.
Even if it I have to watch my friends get married while I remain seemingly stagnant… I will continue praying, relentless in faith, unwavering in hope.
Beyond the physical, I will keep myself emotionally pure, never allowing bitterness, pride, anger or hate to grow in me.
No matter how little evidence there is to marriages lasting, I will wait for you.
I am willing to endure the pain of being ridiculed for believing in “the impossible” rather than suffering the agonizing pain of giving up on love.

And even if our paths never cross, I will live with no regrets- because I would’ve remained true to myself; never settling for less than what I have always hoped for, always prayed for, always waited for. I will wait for you.
Your future wife, Nono Cele.

Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele


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