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August 18, 2014


Last week I had an opportunity to be part of a TV show, Thursday Night live with Robert Marawa to talk about a project I’m currently involved in at work that aims at developing soccer players and future presenters, producers and directors behind the scenes. As I walked off set, I was overwhelmed with tweets, messages and phone calls of support but I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to extend this message to everyone who needs it- don’t ever give up.
Two weeks ago, I never would’ve thought I would be on the show. Two weeks before that, I felt like my days were wasting away; I was on my knees praying to God to do something tangible with my life. Three weeks before that, I was half-asleep in class, questioning if I had made the right decision to balance work and studies. Four weeks before that, I was crying in the bathroom at work because I felt overlooked; insignificant and drained. Five weeks before that, I was in a plane flying away from my loved ones, asking myself if it was worth it, but I went anyway.
Don’t give up- you never know when your breakthrough moment will come. You owe it to yourself to keep going when everything in you says quit. You have to be brave enough to keep dreaming even when your dreams seem ludacris and there’s no evidence that anything will ever change. You have to keep hoping even when it feels like age, time, and the biological clock are all against you. You have to keep going, keep breathing, keep taking a step of faith, keep the vision in front of you, keep your hope alive.

I’m from a very small town where the biggest thing that happens in a year is New Year’s day. Growing up, we lived a simple life, we knew no celebrities- we were lucky to be listed in the phonebook.
Even then, my parents encouraged me to dream dreams bigger than my surroundings.
True to form, I followed my dreams and left home to study television production.
Challenges came when I couldn’t find a job after 3 years of studying. I watched my peers progress and my life seemed stagnant. I felt like such a fool for wasting my parents’ money and time. Little did I know, a few months later, I would be invited to be part of an internship programme. Just as I was celebrating that, working came with the responsibility of drawing up a budget, paying rent, putting food on the table etc. This forced me to grow up quickly. Barely getting by and sleeping on the floor, the light of hope almost went out, if it weren’t for the friends whose encouragement kept the flame burning.
And there were was that time when I almost drowned in negativity at work; when they were whispering about me in the corridors. And there were many nights I lay awake at night, completely discouraged as bills piled up on my doorstep. And of course, I wrestled many times with an enemy I know very well called fear who tormented me and questioned my decision making. And there were many times I failed to meet any goal I had set for myself. Never knowing that all those tears, struggles and headaches were leading me to this point… I thank God I prevailed, persevered, conquered.

This brings me to say; don’t quit believing, and don’t be afraid to speak your dream into reality.
All these trials are leading you to a better place. Don’t faint until you get there…conquer!

Love Always,
Nono Cele
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