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Celebrating My Dad

June 16, 2013


A note to my dad…

I must tell you that this is a very emotional subject for me. I don’t think there will ever be a way that I can thank my father for what he has done for me in my life. There hasn’t been a single day I haven’t felt loved by him. Not to say, we haven’t had trouble, on the contrary, we have had much trouble, but my dad always walked with me through the storms of life. I don’t think my dad has ever said a negative thing about me, though I’m so flawed, it’s as if when he looks at me, he sees the best parts of me only. And I can’t begin to tell you what that does for me, for my self-esteem, for my confidence… my dad’s belief in me has given me wings to fly and be the best I can be.

For as long as I can remember, my dad worked hard to support us and to provide us with only the best in life. My dad didn’t sit around waiting for someone to give him a job, and because of that, he remains my biggest inspiration. He was always willing look like a fool to provide for his family- when I was kid, he planted and sold cabbages, mealies and spinach and used the money to take himself and his siblings to school. My dad is the very definition of man. Am sure when God looks at him, He is most pleased. Looking at my dad today, all he owns, the cars he drives, the wealth he has created and the person he is I smile because I know his story, I know how difficult it was, but he never gave up.

I am grateful to my dad for loving my mother, my queen. Dad showed us what a healthy relationship should be like. He modeled the role of a perfect father and a good husband. He was present, he was involved, he contributed, above all, he loves us. My dad really set the standard high when it comes to what a real man is really all about.
He taught me and my brothers that being a man doesn’t mean you have to mess up all the time, being a man means taking responsibility and trusting God to see you through.
Looking back, during those crazy teenage years, I must have been every parent’s nightmare. I thought I had all the answers, even then my dad’s love knew when to hold on and when to let go.
Of all the men I’ve met, none come close to my dad. Even when I gave up on myself, my dad was there… it is from him that I learnt how to love, how to pray, how to believe in myself.

My dad is a big dreamer, he always talked about owning property all over South Africa, driving his dream car and empowering others- and because of this, he gave me the right to dream big as well. We still talk about our dreams every time we are together…and year after year, we see our dreams become a reality, and I thank God.

Dad, many people love me, but nothing quite like your love. Your awesome kinda love. Your consistent love. Your unconditional love. Nothing like the way you always see the best in me. You are patient with me, even when I mess up, I don’t know how you don’t get tired of picking up the pieces of my broken heart, you never get tired of fixing my mess or giving advice…or sitting on the porch with me when I’m home. Dad, you’re on a league of your own, you’ve set the standard so high on what a real man should be.

My hero, my homey, my friend, my daddy, SS Cele… I love you. Being your daughter is the greatest blessing of them all.
I’m many things to many people, but this I know, I’m a princess in your eyes, a crown I wear with pride daily, child of a king.

Your daughter,

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