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December 1, 2012

December at last! Ah… This is the month we associate with joy, love and laughter. After a long year, we finally get time to relax and be in the company of our family and friends. A time to reminisce of all the things we’ve been through, a time to reflect, time to recover, a time to just be.
We made it all the way from January… It’s celebration time. Many people didn’t make it, many fell along the way, many barely made it, some made it with scars and bruises, some made it with a smile… Regardless of the condition, we ought to be grateful that we made it at all.

This is the month of hope, something about coming this far assures us that everything will be alright. This is the month of dreams coming true. Just last week, my friends and I collected groceries for a family of 5, another emotional and successful initiative by a programme I started this year called Destined 4 Impact. And that’s what life is about, impact. This is the month that reminds us that our lives should be about giving, sharing, believing.

This is the month of braais, bikinis and beaches being overcrowded. Enjoy yourself, don’t let your ‘imperfect’ body stop you from enjoying the water. I used to be one of those people who would sit on the sand fully dressed because I felt embarrassed by the scars on my knees, cellulite on my legs, and my seemingly small boobs. Gone are those days, I am free from that negativity because I am happy with myself (flaws and all). This is the month to dare to live! Shame your critics and have fun (even if that critic is yourself). Give yourself permission to be happy and let go of all that hinders your joy.

This month, I’d like to celebrate you! Thank you for visiting my website on a regular basis, thank you for tweeting my links, posting them on Facebook, sharing them with friends on BBM and WhatsApp… Thank you for every email I’ve received, every comment on my blogs, every follow on Twitter. Thank you for allowing me to share my life and my journey with you. I look forward to an even better year in 2013 as I work on publishing my book, God’s Spoilt Brat by Nono Cele.

Most importantly, December is about celebrating the birth of Christ, a beautiful reminder of what love truly is.
Two days later, I celebrate my birthday. I’m especially looking forward to it this year because my entire family will be celebrating with me. Indeed, this is the month of beautiful things…

As we celebrate, may we consider those with far less than us, may we be a blessing to those who have no means of repaying us, may many people breathe easier because we lived in 2012…

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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