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Businesswoman on A mission!

May 9, 2012

Businesswoman on A mission!

A few months in business and I’m finding out that making my dreams come true is not as easy as I thought it would be. This kind of stuff takes more than ‘just talent’. I must admit there were moments of doubt in the last couple of weeks. Business took its toll and it seemed to me that we were causing ourselves unnecessary stress by getting into business in the first place… I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ And it was at that moment that I realized that the enemy I had to conquer first was within- fear of failure.

There are a lot of people around me who want to see me do well, who believe in my ability to make a success of this business… But the person whose “buy in” I really needed was mine. The person who had to BELIEVE in the business is me.

I always find solace in my parents’ house- my home- and when I went to spend time with time with them, they did not fail to remind me who I am: a success.

And I believe, it is such people we need behind us as young people going into business. People who keep cheering us on. People whose belief in us stills our doubt… And of course, we should believe in ourselves, but where would we be, without the people who remember to check up on us? And that text message that reaches you in the nick of time, when you are so close to giving up… And it reads “I believe in you.” And just like that, our dreams are back on track….

Business is booming… Thank you for the support.

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Natural Aloe soap R25.00
Avo and yoghurt soap R25.00
Natural milk soap R25.00

Body massage oil (500ml) R85.00
Lip Balm R15.00

Ladies Shaving bar (120g) R20.00
Men’s shaving bar (120g) R20.00
Foot scrub (250g) R90.00

Pedicure file R50.00
Jill loofah (300g) R45.00
Body sensation bath crystals and fizzles (400ml) R50.00
(Available in purple, orange, green, pink and blue)

Body Sensation foam bath oil (400ml) R55.00
(Available in purple, orange, green, pink and blue)

Body Sensation Body Lotion with Gel (Champagne & Rose) R120.00

Room and linen mist (200ml) R35.00
(Available: vanilla, orange and ginger, dewberry, rose, lavender, ocean mist)

Fizzing heart R12.00
Bath scrunch R15.00

Crayon Soap (pack of 4 crayons with a bathing sponge) R90
Scented Candles R50

Also available on order:
• Engraved Towel
• Hair Accessories
• Nail Clipper and Nail file
• Nail Polish Remover
• Perfume

Flavors for our soap:
Orange and ginger
Lemon with dried orange
Rose and ylang ylang with rose petals
Coco butter
Tutti fruity
Vanilla and oats
Rose and rose petals

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Be fearless. You are strong enough to win.
-Nono Cele

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