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March 25, 2015

This week, I am writing from Netherlands, in a town called Zwolle. This is my second visit to Europe in six months. I am sitting in the balcony, in one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to, overlooking the city, and I can’t help but utter short prayers of thanks to my Creator. Who would have thought that I would get an opportunity to travel the world? A girl from a small town in South Africa, who had a dream to make good TV and tell stories. It’s no small feat. When I consider the history of my family, my community and my nation, I realize the importance of us telling our stories. We are not victims of what happened to us. We are not prisoners to the racism that messed up our minds, we aren’t prisoners to poverty~ we can break free from those things. When I look at my life right now, the achievement is not that I am here in Netherlands, but the miracle lies in the fact that despite the odds, I am here and I am able to share my story with people in a foreign land and I am able to leave a mark. It’s the difficulties along the way that make this moment worthwhile. This sweet victory is made special by the unbelief of the naysayers, the discouragement of the critics, even the doubts of my own heart. When I consider the things that could’ve prevented me from being here, I realize that all the negativity and all the people who didn’t believe in me shaped my character and built a spirit of resilience in me. Those things and those people are not for me to hate, but for me to learn from… Now, I know that no matter what background we come from, no matter the pain we have suffered along the way, nothing is impossible for a believing heart.

I am humbled at the goodness of God. I have not always believed in myself, in fact, I have doubted my own abilities more than most. I have not always been consistent, there were many times along the way when I questioned my own choices. I have not always fed my talents, sometimes, I have sabotaged my own progress with my impatience. Point being, only God qualifies the unqualified. As flawed, as broken and as confused as we might be, it is deeply humbling for me to know that God still calls us. For a long time, I was happy to lurk in the background of my own life because I didn’t feel like I was pleasing God. I couldn’t imagine that there was anything about me that God would love, let alone use. I did not understand what it means to be loved by God. I did not know that I was His child and that is enough. That’s all the qualification I need. I am His. It is only now that I am beginning to understand that being loved has nothing to do with performing~ that love calls us as we are but is far too powerful to leave us as we were.

I don’t know what you are believing for, I don’t know what your greatest desire is, but I urge you to run to the One who knows. And may your faith be without borders, without limits, without conditions… Oh the things we would do, the things we would see, the things we would achieve, if we believed… No fear here.



Love always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele
25 March 2015, Netherlands in Zwolle




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