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Believe in Your Prayers

November 19, 2018

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From the time I learnt to pray, I have prayed some crazy prayers!

I have asked for God for millions, and I have known the joy of thanking Him for an unexpected R10.

I have asked Him for mansions, and I have praised Him for supplying us with shelter on a rainy day.

I have asked God for friends, and while alone, I have known the joy of knowing that He will never leave my side.

I believe that God answers all our prayers but sometimes we do not see that because the answers do not come packaged in the way we thought they would be. When we pray for millions, we expect an SMS from the bank with 6 zeros, but sometimes God answers with a R10 note; and from that seemingly small amount, He gives us an idea that changes our financial standing.  It’s so important that when we pray for things, we also ask for our eyes to be opened to the answers we might not be seeing.


The idea of having my own body care range first came to me in 2011 when a friend introduced me to the soap making business. We were excited about it for a months but nothing came of it because we had no plan and resources to carry out the vision. I told myself that I had tried but I could not shake off the guilt of convincing myself of a lie, it was the most unloving thing I had ever done to myself. Years later, I received a small amount of money from my Dad for my birthday and again, this idea came back to me. Determined to do it right this time, I registered a company, Body Sensations, and got started with making soap and candles. A few months into the business, I got overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities of running a small business on my own whilst balancing that with work and studies. Again, I found myself defeated. I walked away from the business but I carried the failure with me; it weighed me down. It did not seem like God was answering my prayers and I decided to put this dream behind me.

In January 2018, while looking at my dream board, I was reminded of this project again. I remembered how I had prayed about it in 2011 and now I had given up on it. I knelt down and asked God for wisdom, strength and grace to make this dream a reality. I had to start all over again with registration, planning and getting the business off the ground. Only this time, I was better prepared, focused and experienced. In August 2018, I launched my own body care range, Salt and Light. It was a dream come true.

This valuable lesson has taught me to believe in my own prayers. Just because plans fall apart, and people hurt us and life sometimes doesn’t make sense, does not mean God is not answering—we forget that God uses those same hurdles to show His sovereignty and He graciously lifts us up to where we prayed to be.


Sometimes the answers to our prayers don’t look like the answers we prayed for. The answers sometimes come disguised as disappointment or failure or heartbreak. But if we take a closer look, we will find that the pitfalls often point us to the very thing we prayed for and it’s always better than what we imagined it to be. Look for an answer in every setback, challenge, disappointment. The things we pray for are often hidden in the things we don’t want to deal with or confront.


We must be careful not to write our dreams off too soon just because our lives don’t match what we had in mind. From every setback, there’s a lesson to be learnt that sets us up for a comeback.


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Love and Light,

Nono Cele

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