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September 6, 2013


In a world that occupies over 7 billion people, it is a beautiful thing to be nothing but yourself. This is something we ought to celebrate more often; all of us are unique in the way we think, in the way we look, in the way we love. But how come we struggle so much with that? How come we want to copy each other’s clothing, we envy each other’s lives and we aspire to be just like each other? How come we believe that in order to be deemed “cool”, successful or acceptable we think we have to mimic each other? How come we are not satisfied with being ourselves?

As much as society has a role to play in pressurizing us to look like and be like Beyoncé/ Jay-Z, the responsibility of what we allow to define us lies with us. It occurred to me that our minds are occupied with negative thoughts about ourselves. It seems, we are never pleased with ourselves, nothing is ever enough. It doesn’t matter what we achieve, it doesn’t matter how much others celebrate us- we are guilty of not celebrating ourselves enough! We rarely take a break and celebrate who we are- we demand perfection from ourselves but we never reward ourselves. We never seem satisfied or content with who we are even when those expectations are met. Why are we so cruel to ourselves?

Let’s do something that we dread doing in this fast paced world of ours- let’s stop being so busy and spend time with ourselves. Take a few days off and go to the beach. Take a break from the “To do” lists and go on a road trip. Turn off the TV, switch off your cellphone, pack the glam magazines away, and just listen to yourself.
Listen to who you tell yourself you are when the world is not trying to define you. Decide for yourself that you don’t need Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to tell you how you should feel about yourself. And be selective about what you read- stop subscribing to magazines that tell you you haven’t succeeded until you have six pack, a ring on your finger, live in Sandton and wear clothes that cost more than your parents’ house.
Let’s love and celebrate who we are! To be truly fulfilled in life, we have to find love within us and give it to ourselves.

Who you are is enough. No more wasting your life wishing you were someone else! What this world needs is you, not another version of Beyoncé/ Jay-Z! Be YOU, and that is beautiful!

Love Always,
Nono Cele
Twitter: @Nono_Cele

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