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A call to Repentance

May 5, 2016

Most of us have unfortunately forgotten how good, how great and how majestic God really is. Our passion for God seems to have faded. We have become dull, we have grown quiet and we have made going to church more important than enjoying His presence, loving people and winning souls.
In our walk with the Lord, we have allowed ourselves to be neutralized by troubles, and we have allowed ourselves to be discouraged about the future and we have allowed fear to make a nest in our hearts and as a result, we react in fear, when we should be showing the world how to look unto God when life seems hard, unfair and hopeless.
When unbelievers seem to thrive more than us, we get upset, we complain and we turn our backs on God. We don’t pray. We don’t seek His face. We don’t ask Him to show us His purpose. We don’t pray for the unbeliever to come to know Christ. We don’t trust God to use that situation for our good.
We wallow in self pity, we take the position of a victim and we allow our faith to be silenced by something a simple cry unto God can change.
Although we were forewarned about the challenges we would face, we act surprised when bad things happen. We seem to think that our paths should be smooth and easy based on what we say we believe, we’ve forgotten John 16:33. As a result, a little trouble, a little turmoil and a little test is enough to destabilize us and make us question God.
We go through life expecting only sunshine, and not anticipating any trouble or opposition. Why? Because we haven’t counted the cost of following Christ (Luke 14:28). We think following Him simply means we are exempt from life’s challenges, oh wrong we are! We have become complacent, weak and fearful. As a result, we are easily the most troubled, conflicted and unforgiving group of people. Why? Because we are not prepared for what lies ahead for a child of God. We have not properly considered what it means to be His follower. There is a price to pay! The price is simply this: putting Him first and yourself last. When someone wrongs us, we may want to retaliate but we must deny our flesh and honor God by forgiving.
In all our dealings, we ought to be honest, kind and fair because He says so. In most cases, we view God’s instructions as suggestions, hence we are unable to reap the abundance of blessings promised to us. We seem to want to operate like the world and yet have the benefits of being a believer. We are double-minded in our faith, and such approach to life will only yields fruits of despair.
Being a believer is not child’s play. In fact, being called by God means rejecting everything we thought we knew, and surrendering to Him, and admitting that we know nothing and we need to be taught by Him.


Being a believer means becoming more like Christ. Where there is darkness, we ought to bring light. Where there is sickness, we ought to lay hands and bring healing. When our plans fail, we ought to find comfort in knowing that His will will be done. When we are under attack, we ought to trust that He will never allow a burden too heavy for us to carry. When we are rejected, we might not understand why but that should never make us doubt God.
This is the cost; putting self last and Him first.
We have not accepted that being His follower means that sometimes we will be in the line of fire. We will be ridiculed, mocked and hated (Matthew 10:22) but our role is to stand firm, to be steadfast, unwavering, and immovable, knowing that God has a purpose that our minds cannot comprehend. He is always working; even when there’s no evidence of His work.
When we choose to remain offended, unforgiving, or angry, we hurt our ability to grow, we allow our disappointment to be greater than God and eventually, we cease to hear from God.
We have allowed the pain, the unfairness and the corruption around us to lull into believing that our God is silent, distant and uninvolved in our lives. We have allowed the wickedness of this day and age to question our Creator as though He were surprised at the state of the world. Even our prayers are often full of doubt and worry, “God, if You can…” We act as though He is utterly shocked at what is happening in the world and we assume that He has become powerless to help His people, hence we feel the need to defend Him as though He cannot defend Himself. We have allowed the things that we can’t explain to put pressure on us, and so when unbelievers ask us why evil seems to be prevailing, we panic, and we try to “cover” for God as though the God who created heaven and earth cannot speak for Himself.
We have forgotten that His ways are not our ways. We have forgotten that He is God alone. We have forgotten that there are things only He knows, and there are answers only He can give.
We have forgotten about the beauty of being silent before God, and allowing Him to speak, to teach and to reveal secret things that our eyes cannot see.

We look around and see so much pain that we cannot explain and we start to think that our God is only powerful in heaven and He is powerless here on earth. Oh what apostasy! Oh what unbelief! Oh what wickedness! We are God’s people, and yet we struggle to count on His ability to care for us, His ability to guide us and His ability to make known to us the things that we don’t understand. We must be renewed in our minds and be reminded again of the goodness, and the mercy and the power of God.

It is very easy for us to apply Luke 14:28 when it comes to the things of the world, when we want to be in a certain field of work; we study, we prioritize our books over fun, when we fail, we don’t quit, we try harder, we stop at nothing to succeed. But when it comes to the most important area of our lives, our walk with the Lord, we give a half-hearted effort, and we are deeply offended when things don’t pan out the way we expected. We have no patience with God, and yet, time and time again, we expect Him to be patient with us.

We must repent.
We must leave this lackluster attitude behind us.
We must turn from this lukewarm faith.
We must put an end to our religious ways.
We must stop thinking we’ve figured God out.
We must reject fear and walk by faith.
We must leave this mediocrity behind.
We must ask for the fire of God to burn in us again.
We must pray for revival in our hearts.
Come, let us go to the Father…

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